10 Appealing Restaurant/Food Websites


Restaurant websites are a great source of inspiration and will definitely help you learn some nice ways of displaying photos within a design. The main purpose of restaurant websites is to display food photos, so high quality photos are a must! In this post you’ll find 20 restaurant/food websites with different design approaches that will inspire you.


Hoddow is a CSS website which stands out from the crowd through its simplicity and minimalism. It is a modern restaurant website with beautiful showcased photos.

Hoddow Food Websites

Pic Fresh

Pic Fresh is a website for a catering company which delivers fresh and healthy meals. The color palette is very well chosen as it has earthy, natural, green tones. It is a professional website which inspires trust and in the same time is friendly and very well organized.

Pic Fresh Food Websites

Auberge de l’ill

This is a dynamic and very beautiful website. Minimalism and simplicity are two of its main characteristics. High quality photographs compose the background and are nicely combined with modern textured buttons.

Auberge de l'ill Food Websites


Dynamic and user friendly, DAIMU is a website for a japanese restaurant. The photographs are beautifully presented in a slideshow on the first page. The dark background emphasizes the colors and details in the photos. The logo blends smoothly and adds graphism to the design. Overall it ias a well designed restaurant website.

Daimu Food Website Design


Sesame is an original website with a lovely, fun and noncomformistic design. The illustrations are high quality and make the website pop out! The neon colors are very well chosen and combined with a neutral grey background create a lively atmosphere.

Sesame Food Website Design

Cake Parlour

This is a very feminine website. The pastel colors, baby blue, candy pink and sand beige blend perfectly toghether and are very appropriate for the business. The overall atmosphere is friendly and sweet, exactly as it should be for a cake business!

Cake Parlour Food Website Design

28 Thiers

Elegance! This is the word that best describes this design. Le 28Thier is a website that amazes with the interesting light and shadows game, chosen textures and sophisticated color palette.

Le 28 Thiers Food Website Design

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday has a simple yet interesting design. The whole website’s structure is standard – slideshow in the middle, information below – but still it has a unique way of displaying the photos which is very appealing.

Ruby Tuesday Food Website Design


TasteSpotting is a mouth-watering photo collection of recipes, cooking, baking, kitchen adventures, food industry and media news created by a community of bloggers. The main purpose of this website is to showcase different recipes with high quality photos. The design is simple and minimalist in order to put an accent on the photos rather than on other elements.

Tastespotting Food Website Design


Culinaria is a horizontal website with a very simple yet attractive design. The color palette consists of only two colors: mint blue and white. The background is composed of high quality food photographs.

Culinaria Food Website Design

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