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Business cards are key when it comes to making new contacts and approaching prospective clients.  Having a creative business card that showcases the pinnacle of your artistic abilities is crucial when you’re trying to convince someone to visit your website and view your portfolio when you’re in the creative field.  Let’s take a look at some truly inspiring business cards.

Mathijs Vissers

Mathijs Vissers explains it pretty well on his homepage, “I like drawing funny looking weird stuff.”  I’d say that his business card does a spot-on job of portraying that.  I also like the Chuck Norris KnowsVictoria’s Secret t-shirt design in his portfolio, classic!


Pampaneo is a design and creative agency powered by duo Pedro Meca and Kelly Abanto.  I’m always a sucker for minimalist design and good usage of illustrations, so naturally I was a big fan of their business cards.  I was even more pleased once I clicked through their website, creative and well thought out through and through.

Chef Burger

Chef Burger was a burger joint in the greater downtown area ofKansas City.  Their business cards combine two of my favorite things, burgers and beer.  Well, beer coasters at least.  The creative side is a creepy looking burger monster that you want to smash with the bottom of your beverage of choice glass, while the information side is stylized with typography and color, allowing it to stay creative.

Pop Grub

Pop Grub is an excellent example of breaking free from the standard, rectangle business card and going for a unique shape.  It reminds me of a tuxedo pocket square handkerchief, which then evokes a classy association.  Being that the company is an online guide to pop up chefs in theNew York City area, for people looking for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, perhaps it’s a good association.

Dario Monetini

Dario Monetini is an Italian designer who makes great use of one of my favorite business card trends, the clear, plastic business card.  Judging by his website, I’d say he does a superb job of incorporating his personality in to his business card.  And the fact that they’re plastic means they’ll outlast the abuse that could be dished out if someone just shoves it in the pocket of their jeans, or puts it in their wallet and then accidentally leaves their wallet in their jeans on laundry day.

Jae Salavarrieta

Jae Salavarrieta is a designer and illustrator whose business card is the full meal deal.  His logo is a clever mix of a shark, torpedo, submarine mix, or possibly airplane bomber, in the shape of a J, representing his name.  While the cut of the card then plays off the logo in that it’s the shape of a shark fin.  Quite clever.

David Fernandez Huerta

David Fernandez Huerta is a video game artist and illustrator who does a fantastic job showcasing his artistic and creative abilities with his business card.  I’d be curious to know how much it cost to make each card as there is quite a bit of cutting involved.  Either way, it’s a unique card that will surely grab the attention of prospective clients.

Darlene Dewell

Darlene Dewell at Print Production has another perfect example of a creative business card that took some outside of the box thinking to create.  She slightly alters the standard shape of a business card to give it a unique look, adds in nicely contrasting colors, embosses her logo in to it and even sneaks a cat in there to make it even more lovable.  Very well done, Darlene.


Driv is a creative designer focused on typography, illustration, and graphic design who created these cards for his ongoing robonut project.  A clever logo and business card concept, turning the D of his name in to a smiley face with the help of a colon punctuation mark.  He also uses the decorative side of his card to give his smiley a body, very cool!

National Greyhound Adoption Program

It only makes sense that the National Greyhound Adoption Program would have dog tags as their business cards.  I’m guessing they cost a little more than your standard, single-sided, one color, cardstock business card, but you’ve got to admit, they’re pretty cool.  Very clever, who ever thought up this concept.

Next time you’re looking to develop a business card, whether it’s your own of for a client, challenge yourself to think outside of the box.  Force yourself to come up with something new, clever and unique.  Something that will cause a new client or customer to remember you specifically solely off how awesome your business card is.  Most of all, be creative.  I mean, that is your job, right?

About the author: with over ten years in the freelance web design and writing fields, Scott Stanton has had his finger on the beating pulse of the industry’s hottest design trends and bends for the past decade. Scott regularly writes for Wix.com the free website builder. Follow him on Twitter @TheScottStanton.

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  1. Unless I had an insane business card budget(don’t we all?), I would have to hand these out very selectively.

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