10 Colorful Eye-Popping Websites


It’s a fact: websites that use bright, bold and effective colors are the ones that stand out from the crowd and are remembered.  We”ve done some reaserch and looked for the most colorful and vibrant websites on the web, to inspire you in creating beautiful, eye-catching designs. Here is a list with 10 creative eye-popping websites, which use strong, bright colors and look fantastic. Which ones are your favorites?


Colourpixel is the online portfolio of Nag, a Web Designer/Graphic designer from Hyderabad, India specialising in web design, print design, identity design and more.

colourpixel Colorful Eye-Popping Website


Havaianas were first created in 1962 by Alpargatas, a highly-renowned and very traditional Brazilian company active in the shoe and clothing industry. This is the presentation website for that product.

Havaianas Colorful Eye-Popping Website

Curious Generation

This is an Events & Promotion, Management & Booking, Brands & Digital company. They have a bright colored website with a unique design filed with rounded shapes and circles.

Curious Generation Colorful Eye-Popping Website


Mooty Web Design is a Brisbane Web Design and Graphic Design company specialising in Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane, Website Design, SEO and more. They have a very simple, basic website layout with colorful elements and vectors.

 Mooty Colorful Eye-Popping Website


Pieoneers is a boutique web and iOS development studio based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company works with startups and established businesses in the US and Canada and creates high-value web applications, iOS apps and designs. They have an amazing, eye-catching vector illustration on their hompage. This is surely a website design to remember and use as a source of inspiration.

Pieoneers Colorful Eye-Popping Website

Puma Talk

This is a colorful website created for Puma Talk. The design has lots of interesting, colorful vectors and graphics which make it pop out!

Puma Talk Colorful Eye-Popping Website

Hugs For Monsters

Hugs For Monsters is the portfolio of illustrator and designer Joe Lifrieri. He loves to draw, but he also designs and writes HTML, CSS, and JS. He has a unique website design featuring his amazing works and illustrations.

Hugs For Monsters Colorful Eye-Popping Website

Biola University

Biola University is a nationally ranked private evangelical Christian university located in Southern California. They have an unusual website for an university. It is not rigid at all and has a vibrant, friendly and colorful design. It looks inspiring and creative.

Biola University Colorful Eye-Popping Website


Alinga is the creative Gold Coast web design agency that develops tailor made web solutions for business and government. They have a simple website layout with a nice slider on the homepahe. The background is made out of really colorful vector flowers, drawn on a beige base.

Alinga Colorful Eye-Popping Websites

Douglas Menezes

Douglas is a Design/Creative Director. He has a unique website design with some really nice colorful vector graphics. It looks crafty and creative.

Douglas Menezes Colorful Eye-Popping Websites

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