10 Cool Web Design Portfolios


It’s great to see the portfolios of web designers. With the increase in usage of jQuery and its great functionality, website designs are getting better than ever. Recently, I have come across a lot of portfolios that are designed very creatively, leaving a BIG impact on the viewers, especially the people who are looking to hire. This is why, WebDesignDev brings you this inspiration gallery of 10 cool designer portfolios. Either you are a web designer, or looking to hire a web designer (or neither), you are sure to enjoy these portfolios.

1. Daniel Hellier (http://danielhellier.com/)

2. Duoh! (http://duoh.com/)

3. Hasan Yalcin (http://portfolio.hasanyalcin.com/)

4. Sean Halpin (http://seanhalpin.net/)

5. Izabela Kurkiewicz (http://www.mirieldesign.com/)

6. Bogdan Teodorescu (http://www.bogdanteodorescu.com/)

7. Mateusz Pasternak (http://pasti.pl/)

8. Arun Pattnaik (http://arunpattnaik.com/)

9. Peter Pearson (http://www.peter-pearson.com/)

10. Made In Space (http://madeinspace.com.au/)

Hope you enjoyed the post! If you think we missed your portfolio, let us know in the comments. For more fun, check out our post from last year: 28 Creative Web Design Portfolios

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26 thoughts on “10 Cool Web Design Portfolios”

  1. really nice site all the design here are really nice i must choose one from it for my site thanks for posting.

  2. A lot of great inspiration here. Makes us want to change our portfolio up. I think a unique appearance definitely makes an impression when potential clients look at your work.

  3. Peter Pearson has a very good portfolio, the best on this list in my opinion. The horizontal scroll bar is different to most portfolio sites, and makes this site unique and stands out from most others.
    Another good portfolio is http://www.arsthanea.com, which is owned by Ars Thanae. The design is clean and simple, but makes the website easy to navigate around. Also I like the close ups of all the work as you can see the finer details of the designs.

  4. Great list, I love seeing how creative people show off their work.

    One note – Pearson’s portfolio doesn’t quite flow right on wide format monitors at resolutions of 1680 and above. You can see what’s next rather than hiding it until the user asks for it.

    Perhaps that’s intended, but I think Hellier’s is much cleaner.

    Just a minor bit – overall…this is a great list.

  5. I like the Izabela Kurkiewicz porfolio. I like the elegant style of the porfolio and easy the fact that you can still have the comparison of the design because everything move in a circular motion.

  6. Nice collection. Seems like the trend is moving toward conversational home pages. People trying to make themselves seem like…people 🙂 Good variety here too. Thanks!

  7. some great folios here.. I think Daniel Hellier’s is my favourite. Lots of great inspiration, makes me want to go back and redo mine!

  8. Nice list. The site at peter-pearson.com has been around for a long time. It goes to show that good design based on a good creative concept can have a quite a bit of staying power.

  9. Ok mates, now let’s stop and think for a second. All these portfolio sites can be fun to look at but are far away to be useful and engaging. I can’t see much of the real work these designers have done. Is a portfolio site so it should be all about the best work you delivered so far. Recruiters or hiring managers/directors want to look at what you really have been working on, they don’t care how nice is your portfolio. You need to give them a pleasant user experience and sell yourself in less than 10 seconds. I’m interested to know what you guys think. I tried to put in practice my ideas with my portfolio site: http://www.giannifavaretto.com. Please keep in mind that my target users should use a modern browser.

  10. I have to report Daniel Hellier of scamming and never returning services for the money provided. If you know any details about him, it would be very helpful for the police. He is a first class scammer.

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