10 Creative and Original Navigation Menus


There are many creative websites out there, but only a few have really catchy graphics with unusual elements and attract lots of visitors. Navigation menus are among the most important elements of a website. You can’t have a website with some sort of a navigation menu. Whether you opt for a simple navbar or create an interesting custom designed menu, this element must be found in plain site on each one of your website’s pages. Here are 10 websites with unusual navigation menus designs and really cool graphics. Get inspired and create your own unique navigation menus!

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SickCityClub Navigation Menu Design

Sick City CLub is a band from Birmingham. They have a black and white website with a fullscreen photo backgrpund and some cool, unique graphic elements. The menu is nicely styled. It is made of large, bold texts, rotated. The header looks like a city skyline and the menu is integrated in it in a very interesting manner.

Agency Net

Agency Net Navigation Menu Design

Agency Net is a digital agency that solves brand problems. They are a group of pioneering brand builders, interaction designers and technologists which help brands thrive. They have a cool website with a simple design. The website has a fullscreen slider and large, bolf typography used to send a message. The menu is unique and shows the company’s most recent successes.


Acko Navigation Menu Design

Acko is a blog about random hacks, graphics and design. The website has a fulscreen design with interesting 3D vector graphics, colored in red, orange and yellow shades. The menu is unique and nicely structured.


CRW Navigation Menu Design

This website design focuses more on typography and minimalist graphics. The menu looks amazing and it is vertically structured. The website is grid based and is made of 5 columns. Each column turns into a drop down menu when clicked.

Anet Design

Anet Design Navigation Menu

Anet Design is an interactive source for your interactive needs. They’re an Adobe Flash platform solution provider. Their clients range from Medical to Aerospace businesses. They have a nice, colorful website design with cool graphics. The menu looks great and it is made of hexagonal vector shapes.

Yuna Kim

Yuna Kim Navigation Menu Design

Yuna’s website was coded using HTML5. It has a simple grid-based design with cool, colorful vector shapes. The navigation menu is unique. It is made of both text and shapes icons.

Section Seven

Section Seven Navigation Menu Design

Section Seven’s dark themed website has a very simple, interesting design. They use bold, vibrant colors on black background and white colored fonts. Their homepage is made of a large navigation menu, designed in columns. Each column has a contents list which functions more like a dropdown menu does.

Vernon Clarke

Vernon Clarke Navigation Menu Design

This is a simple website with a minimalist black and white design. The menu looks like a mobile UI menu. It’s a circle menu with icons only, located in the upper right corner of the homepage slider.


Racket Navigation Menu Design

Racket is an art & design studio based in The Blue Mountains of Australia and specialise in unique and beautiful work for web & print. They have  unique website design, with a fullscreen background photo. The backgrout photo was nicely manipulated and clearly shows the agency’s team creative skills. The menu has a cloud concept design. It also has interesting vector graphics for each button.

Jeremy Levine

Jeremy Levine Navigation Menu Design

Jeremy’s Flash website looks incredible! It has awesome effects and has a cool navigation menu concept. The whole homepage is a large navigation menu with a column design. The website is mostly black and white and has a very user friendly structure.


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