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There are loads of forums on the internet today, ranging from about every kind of niche you can think of. Many forums of which are to do with web design / graphic design. Some stand out, and others don’t stand out. I have compiled a list of 10 top forums that all web designers must know about. Now I haven’t don’t it by the amount of traffic or how many users each forum has / how popular it is. What makes a forum great in my opinion is…

  • Having a great, friendly and knowledgeable community.
  • The users need to be active (sign on daily / every few days).
  • Needs to have a very targeted user base. In other words most of the members need to have signed up to be members and become active in the community, not just sign up to gain access to a few things, not post, then forget about the community entirely.

We could be here all day listing off factors. Of course the forum needs to have a decent amount of traffic so designers get heard, and it needs to have a user friendly design so web designers can use the forum with ease. Anyway enough talking, here is the list.

Digital Point Forums

This forum may not be just about web design, but it has one of the largest forum communities on the internet with over 290,000 registered members! You can buy, sell and trade services on there, so its the perfect place for web designers. You can also pick up alot of work on there, and clients too!


Designers Talk

This forum has a really nice simple layout, and their forums are always buzzing with new threads. They have many forum categories that are split in to more a less everything you can think of. They cover web 2.0, graphic design, flash, illustration, advertising, marketing, typography and many more.


Web Designer Forum

Although this forum is hosted on a .co.uk domain (it doesn’t mean its just for UK people), and even though they only have around 10,000 registered members (compared to some big boy forums), they have an awesome community for web designers. Their forum categories cover all aspects of web design and i love the header design on their website. I think these forums are an awesome place to show off your web design work.


Webmaster Talk

This forum covers web design and other webmaster aspects such as promotion and search engine optimization. Their nice simple forum design is very easy to navigate round. They have nearly 90,000 registered members, and there are always people online.


Estetica Design Forum

This forum is insane! All web designers must be registered at this forum! Its simple beautiful! They have a small user base of around 11,000 members, but there are always web designers online. Ive just been on now and there are hundreds of guests, and 70 members online! That’s really great for a forum with a small community. Their forum covers many aspects of web design, and its worth checking out.


WebDesignDev Forums

If you haven’t registered at our very own forum then go ahead. It has a small user base of just over 1,200 members, but we are trying to get the forum buzzing again with web designers and developers. You can post your work for critique, ask questions and share your thoughts with us.
Web Design Forums


Kirupa Forums

Now Kirupa is usually for flash design and development, but as the years have gone on they have extended their forums to cope with web design. You can post your designs for critic, and you can also talk about html, css and styling web design.


Talk Freelance

This is an awesome forum for freelance web designers. Their forum design hooks me in, and then they have so many forum categories that cover every aspect of web design and freelancing.


Smashing Magazine Forum

A forum for one of the biggest web design blogs on the Internet. That sums it up, you need to register. Although they only have around 3,000 members, there is much talent on the forums, so its worth registering and getting to know other designers and add them to your contact base.


WebDesign Chat

This is a great forum for interacting with other members about web design. They have over 20,000 members and many forum categories to post in.


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24 thoughts on “10 Forums Web Designers Must Know About”

  1. What a great list! I’m already on a few of these, but the smaller forums are especially helpful to know about. Great opportunities to connect (and vent 😉 ) with others in your industry.

  2. Good list of forums here. I’ve been to a few of these but I’ll have to check out the rest. Thanks for sharing this list.

  3. Nice list; a shame that you didn’t include http://webprocafe.com as we are a really friendly bunch and have a great community.

    If you have time to update / review this list then maybe we can be included.


  4. I would deffinatly recommend Digital Point Forum, there are some very knowledgable users on there and in most cases ready to help out =)

  5. Thanks for the list, it is very helpful. However, it is important to know whether it is a do follow or a no follow links forum. It does matter, as most of the people investing their in commenting is for getting quality back links to their site. If that does not happen, there is no point wasting your time there.

  6. I actually registered all of the forum lists you have provided and I found a very useful forum sites man.. Thanks!

  7. This is a very useful list and this will be very helpful for the new comer . I visited the some and found it useful for me. Please told me any forum that have basic knowledge about web design……

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing these very nice and useful designing websites with us. As I am related to website design field, it will help me a lot.

    Thanks once again for sharing!!!

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