10 Inspiring Flash Website Preloaders


Flash websites at times are not very user friendly but even though they may have some issues there are some really awesome websites out there with great animation that deserve your attention. Flash websites don’t load instantly so some websites have some nice animations while loading. If the flash website preloader is original and fun the user will most likely be willing to stay until the website is fully loaded.

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Now back to this list 🙂 Check out these creative flash website preloaders for your inspiration!


Identification05.com is the portfolio of Mikael De Ketelaere – Multimedia director, web animation. The prealoader is unique and very fun to watch. The website is amazing! It has beautiful sounds combined with fantastic vector illustrations and strange, friendly characters.

Identification05 Flash Website Preloader

W. Brett Wilson

W. Brett Wilson, CM SOM (born on July 1, 1957) is a Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist and three-season panelist on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. the Flash preloader looks nice and has a friendly message “Please give me a moment to collect my thoughts”. Once you enter the website, you’ll be amazed by the wonderful concept behind its design. All graphics are amazing and the sounds are very well chosen.

W. Brett Wilson Flash Preloader

Rescue the Puppets

On this website you must rescue the puppetmastaz members which are kidnapped by the bad sneaker boots. The website is fun and interactive and you”ll definitely not get bored by watching the wonderful animations.

Rescue the Puppets Flash Preloader

Frontier Room

Frontier Room is a barbecue restaurant in Belltown. The Flash preloader is fun and creative, with a common “Loading” message plus a few other funny texts. The website doesn’t take very long to load.

Frontier Room Flash Preloader

Zune Journey

This website is a surreal journey that takes the user through six worlds – one for each feature of the Zune. The preloader is somewhat mysterious. the whole Flash website looks amazing and has a great design.

Zune Journey Flash Preloader

Record Tripping

Record Tripping is an experimental puzzle game developed by the Bell Brothers. Mission of the game is to navigate the ball out of the barrel’s maze. You can use the mouse and the scroll wheel to guide the silver ball through the labyrinth.

Record Tripping Flash Preloader

Climb mount asgard


Play this addictive and adventure filled game in which you have to climb mount asgard. The special thing about this game is its graphics which look very realistic.

Sdzsafari park

San Diego Zoo- Safari Park

This is a flash game made for the San Diego Zoo- Safari Park. The game has nice graphics and animations. The sounds are really well chosen and combined with the awesome graphic elements, create a safari atmosphere.

Erky perky

Erky and Perky

Erky and Perky are on the hunt to find crumbs. This website features excellent character animation and very good graphics. The 3D characters look fun and have very unique features. You can use the keyboard arrows to play this game.

The planet zero

The planet zero

The planet zero is a project by Nissan. This website has been created to raise awareness for alternative energy. The website is highly interactive and the user is sure to get immersed in the website.

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