10 Minimalist Portfolio Websites


Minimalism is now a well-established trend among designers and it is perfect for portfolios. Minimalist portfolio websites are great for showcasing your work. Here are 10 minimalist portfolio websites to inspire you.

Tim Brack

tim brack, art director

Check out Tim Brack’s website. He is an art director and this is his portfolio website. His website is a good example of minimalist design. It has a white background and huge black typography. If we take a look at how he presents written content, we can notice that some keywords about him have a light gray color. This makes the important aspects of his life and work stand out and represents a good manner of presenting content to followers. If you’ll keep scrolling you’ll start seeing his portfolio. Each work has its own huge thumbnail representative image and huge typography for its title. This way he continues the design idea he used in the beginning of the page.  The gallery thumbnails follow the same vertical line and it ends with a horizontal dark band with white huge typography and light gray keywords. This is an example worth following and a good source of design inspiration for future projects. Feel free to have a look to see if you think the same.

Bekka Reese

Bekka Reese Minimalist Portfolio Websites

The next example might look at first as a personal business card website that presents Bekka Reese. It uses a light gray background and huge pink typography for her name. She starts with saying ‘hello’ and presenting herself, making the interface friendly and establishing an indirect connection to her followers. This website’s way to navigate through her portfolio is what seems to be a menu bar but is, in fact, a button. Click on ‘take a look around’ to see her works presented through huge thumbnails. This is yet another example you might want to follow and which can serve as good inspiration for future projects.

The Touch Agency

Home - Touch Minimalist Portfolio Websites

The Touch Agency is a multi-disciplinary creative agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have a horizontal slideshow band with bold blue images.  Scroll down to start seeing their portfolio that also uses huge thumbnails and follows the same vertical line. The background is simple and white making all those good looking projects stand out. Check out their website and their works that prove their vast experience in this line of work.


Jessica Caldwell Minimalist Portfolio Websites

Manual is design and visual communication studio in San Francisco. They specialize in brand identity, art direction, packaging, print, and interactive design. They have a simple grid-based layout for their presentation website and a white background with a very minimalist and clean design. They also use big thumbnails but they are smaller than the previous examples we have seen.

Sam Dallyn

Art Direction_Design Minimalist Portfolio Websites

Sam Dallyn has quite an eye-catching portfolio, designed in a minimalist way. His website has a light gray background that works perfectly with all the projects he has done over the years. Sam Dallyn works in art direction and design – crafting experiences and seeking to make the complex clear and beautiful. This is yet another example that uses large thumbnails but in this case, they do not follow the usual vertical line we have seen in previous examples. They follow the same diagonal repeated over and over again giving its web design layout a much more dynamic touch.

Kyle Thacker

Kyle Thacker Minimalist Portfolio Websites

This is the design portfolio of work done by interaction designer Kyle Thacker. He works to synthesize and develop designs through research and prototyping. He has a unique website design with an interesting, user-friendly layout. His website can be a great source of inspiration for future projects. Feel free to have a look and see if you think the same.

Ignacio Macri

 Ignacio Macri portfolio Minimalist Portfolio Websites

Ignacio Macri is a graphic designer and illustrator from Mar del Plata, Argentina, He has a very colorful website with a minimalist design. He uses a grid based structure to showcase his most recent works.

 Mickaël Larchevêque

Mickaël Larchevêque Minimalist Portfolio Websites


Mickaël Larchevêque (aka dotmick) is a French Interactive Designer. He has a simple, minimalist portfolio website with a round shaped grid based layout and a light gray background. His website might seem all black and white but try hovering your mouse on those circle thumbnails and watch them get colored.

DB Works

DB Works portfolio Minimalist Portfolio Websites

Diego Blanco Art Direction is a portfolio website with a minimalist design. It’s a one-page website which presents some really impressive works. You have to scroll down to see all his beautiful works. This example can serve as a good source of inspiration for minimalist projects but not only. You might also want to take a look at his works that prove his creativity and vast experience.

Jessica Caldwell

Jessica Caldwell Minimalist Portfolio Websites

Jessica Caldwell is a freelance consultant living in Portland, OR. She specializes in front-end web development, specifically HTML5, CSS, jQuery and more. She has a super simple and clean website design for her online portfolio. She also uses angled shapes and graphics in the design of her landing page.

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  1. Minimalism is really fantastic, I’m sure this would be the future and it happened, it will be a revolution. I love it.

  2. Some Great sites there ! Kyle Thacker and DB Works would be on the top of my own list.

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