10 Must Have Responsive Joomla Templates


Responsive websites are an excellent way to maximize the viewing experience to anyone who visits your site.  A site that is responsive allows you to deliver an optimized user interface to your viewer regardless of whether they’re on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer with a cinema screen.  Here are some great template options for websites built on the Joomla platform.


Music is a responsive Joomla template created by GavickPro.  This free template is built off the Gavern Framework to create a stunning, responsive website that looks good across multiple platforms and resolutions.  Music supports theK2component, Tabs GK5, and News Show Pro GK4 to meet all of your publishing needs, now and in the future.




Lens is a JoomlArt template that is a sleek and stylish template for anyone looking to create a responsive website with their Joomla platform.  Whether you have a visitor to your website on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, they’ll see the same stunning site, optimized for their specific viewing pleasure.




There’s no better price than free, and there’s no better way to reach your entire target audience these days than with a responsive website.  Whether someone is viewing your site on a mobile device, desktop, or Etch-A-Sketch, responsive web design will ensure that they will have an optimal viewing experience.  That’s exactly what the Cameleon template for Joomla will allow you to do, for free.  It utilizes Google Fonts for a unique look, multiple preset colors to choose from, and 40+ module positions, just to list a few.




Highline is a stunning responsive web design template for Joomla that achieves its rich, beautiful look through a full screen slideshow and flexible masonary-like layout.  This template offers 23 different color options and was built to be used with the Zentools module for responsive slideshows, carousels, accordions, grid and masonry layouts.




Yet another free responsive template for Joomla!  The Elastica template is built on the robust JAT3 2 framework and jQuery Masonry script.  This responsive web design template will allow you to easily build a powerful, dynamic website that will reach your target audience regardless of what platform or device they’re on.



Lifestyle is an amazing, responsive Joomla theme that incorporates a full-width slideshow to help set it apart from most other websites.  This responsive Joomla theme has 15 different color schemes, was built for use with Zentools, and hasK2template overrides.  You can also customize the fonts on your site with Google Font Directory and choose from over 250 different fonts to make your site unique.

JA Puresite


From the same people who offered Elastica for free, JoomlArt is offering another free responsive web design Joomla template.  Puresite, like Elastica, is based on the JAT3 2 framework and jQuery Masonry script.  Puresite supports JA Comment Component, K2 Component, and Acymailing component.



Platform is a responsive Joomla template aimed at being an e-magazine, folio, or blog site.  This template has support for the Zentools module, which can be combines with the Zen Grid Framework for an ideal all in one solution to your Joomla content needs.  Platform comes complete with seven different theme colors and the ability to link to the Google Font Directory for access to over 250 fonts that will allow you to fine tune your website just the way you want it.


Leo Restro


Leo Restro is a fun, responsive template for Joomla built on the Leo Framework.  This template comes with three different theme colors to choose from, assuring it will work perfectly with what ever project you’re working on.  It will also allow you to customize the background and fonts in the template configuration.



– no longer available


Vertex is another free responsive template for Joomla users and is built off the powerful features of the Shape5 Vertex template framework.  Features include, S5 Flex Menu, 94 module positions, mobile device versions, hide the component area on any page, custom row and column widths, RTL language support, and more!

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