10 Outstanding jQuery Zoom Plugins


jQuery Zoom plugins can be really useful for showing image details. There are lots of jQuery plugins and tutorials on the web which will help you create great websites. We’ve looked around the web and fount the 10 best jQuery zoom plugins, both free and premium, for you to use and save precious coding time.  Here are 10 of the best jQuery zoom plugins. Which one do you think is no. 1?

Epic Image Zoom

Epic Image Zoom This helpful jQuery zoom plugin lets you add zoom-in functionality to any image with configurable magnification level and magnifier appearance. It’s a really useful tool that will save you a lot of time.

jQuery Image Zoom and Panning Plugin

jQuery Image Zoom and Panning Plugin This is a jQuery plugin that creates a zoom and panning effect on an image. The plugin requires two image versions, one small preview and one larger for zoom and panning. This is a nice way to view details on an image.

jQuery Mega Image Viewer 

jQuery Mega Image Viewer – animated zoom and pan The mega image viewer jQuery plugin allows you to easily replace <div> tags with animated image viewers. It has Touch support for mobile devices, possible viewport resize on runtime, very easy installation on your html page and many more great features.

Smooth Zoom Pan 

Smooth Zoom Pan – jQuery Image Viewer This is a javascript / CSS based image viewer prepared to display product photos, maps or any image within custom small area. Can be configured and implemented in web pages with simple copy / paste steps.

jQuery iViewer

jQuery iViewer

This plugin creates a pan view –  hold down your mouse button and start moving. It’s a very useful jQuery zoom plugin that will save you a lot of coding time.

Creating An Image Zoom And Clip Effect With jQuery

Creating An Image Zoom And Clip Effect With jQuery In this article you’ll also find the tutorial on how to make this plugin yourself. The achieved effect is that you can select a region of an image and the image would automatically scale up to show the selected region.



Zoomooz is a jQuery plugin for making web page elements zoom. It can be used for making Prezi like slideshows and for zooming to images or other details.

 Easy Image Zoom

jQuery plugin: Easy Image Zoom This plugin will allow users to see large details of the product while moving cursor over medium sized image. The plugin is as lightweight as possible and easy to customize.

Ajax Zoom

Ajax Zoom AJAX-ZOOM is a powerful image zoom & pan plugin with 360° rotate option, jQuery image gallery option based on jQuery (JavaScript) and PHP.

Nivo Zoom

Nivo Zoom NivoZoom offers 5 different zoom types, optional overlay support, loads of settings to tweak and it’s free to use and abuse under the MIT license.

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