10 Websites with Vintage Inspired Designs


Recently more and more websites have started using retro themes.  When you say ‘vintage’ you instantly think of higher quality and great attention to details.  You will also find these characteristics in these 10 websites with vintage inspired designs made by some very creative people. Do you like this trend?

Rule of Three

Rule of Three is a team of talented copywriters. They command language and design messages and transform them to create inspiring words. They use very nice typography on their website.

Rule of Three vintage website design


Pulpfingers is a human sized team of developer and designers devoted to create beautiful, useful, features packed apps for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. They have a vibrant, bright orange website with beautiful vintage inspired vector elements.

 vintage website design plulfingers

The Thomas Oliver Band

The Thomas Oliver Band sings blues, roots, alt-country and psychedelic rock. They’re a band from New Zealand. Their website is vintage inspired and has some really beautiful brown leather textures and 3D vintage elements showcased on their homepage.

The Thomas Oliver Band vintage website design


Shoppub is an ecommerce platform in Spanish. Their website has some really beautiful retro elements. The farm girl on the homepage is dressed like in the ’60s.

Shoppub vintage website design


This website has some really awesome vintage graphics. The color palette is also vintage inspired and it is made of dark greens and orange. They use large, bold typography to send their message. This creative agency has a great, attractive website design.

Tommy vintage website design

Paul Bennett

This is the portfolio of Paul Bennett, a User Interface Developer who creates beautiful, responsive applications using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. He has over 8 years experience as a front end developer, working with clients such as Flight Center, AOL and most recently Virgin Holidays. His portfolio has a vintage inspired design with a great, funny round shaped logo.

PAUL BENNETT vintage website design

Kitchen Sink Studios

This is a creative, design consultancy firm which has experience in branding, identity, web design, print, animation, photography, social media, PR, marketing and much more! They have a black and white with orange and teal accents website. They also have some nice vintage ribbon elements and large typography in their design.

Kitchen Sink Studios vintage website design

Adventure World

Adventure World is Perth’s premier amusement park with over 30 thrill rides and waterslides. They have a lovely, kid friendly website with colorful elements and vintage inspired vector characters.

Adventure World vintage website design

Blind Barber

Blind Barber vintage website design

Blind Barber hopes to create an identity that will cultivate personalities; a brand and place where creatives come to be inspired as well as inspire others. They have a very nice website design with a fullscreen, black and white photograph and retro buttons and graphic elements.

Eastworks Leather Company

Eastworks Leather Company vintage website design

Eastworks Leather produces handmade leather wallets and accessories designed and crafted in the USA. They have a very simple and clean website design with a few vintage inspired elements and graphics.

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