12 Really Useful CSS3 Tips And Techniques


CSS 3 no doubt is amazing. I have been using slight bits of it in some of my other web projects, and I am more than pleased with it. Its simplicity runs so well with its advanced features such as rounded corner rendering and font file reading. Rounded up here are my favorite 12 Really Useful CSS3 Tips And Techniques, to help you learn new and exciting features very quickly. Please fell free to drop us a comment showcasing what you have made with CSS 3. Enjoy!

Rounded Corners

With CSS 3, you don’t have to have images for each corner (like the old days). It can now render itself!

Rounded Corners Useful CSS3 Tips

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Text Shadows & Background Sizing

Learn how to add shadows to text and to size your background images using CSS 3.

Text Shadows & Background Sizing Useful CSS3 Tips

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Using Any Custom Font

This is amazing! CSS 3 can actually read a font file if you specify the path, and then it can render the text that you apply the CSS class or id. So the user doesn’t even have to have the font!

Using Any Custom Font Useful CSS3 Tips

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CSS 3 Colour

Learn how to create a mock-up interface using CSS 3 colour. Check out the colour module demo, its outstanding!

CSS 3 Colour Useful CSS3 Tips

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Styling HTML Forms

Learn how to style HTML forms using CSS 3’s attribute selectors.

Styling HTML Forms Useful CSS3 Tips

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Apply Link Icons

In this tutorial you will learn how to use CSS 3’s attribute selectors to put different icons infront of different link file types. You will need a better browser that IE6 to see them!

Apply Link Icons Useful CSS3 Tips

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International Languages

CSS 3 will introduce a large number of properties to support non Latin text.

International Languages Useful CSS3 Tips

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Multi-Column Layout

CSS 3 has a cool newspaper type column feature. Now newspapers can be online!

Multi-Column Layout Useful CSS3 Tips

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CSS 3 Opacity

Learn how to properly use opacity in CSS 3.

CSS 3 Opacity Useful CSS3 Tips

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Border Image

Now you can apply background images to borders, and there are many different parameters you can play around with to style your border just the way you want it.

Border Image Useful CSS3 Tips

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Link Creation & Usage

CSS 3 changes links slightly. This tutorial will guide you through the correct usage.

Link Creation & Usage Useful CSS3 Tips

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Multiple Backgrounds

Finally, you can apply more than one background image to the same class / id.

Multiple Backgrounds Useful CSS3 Tips

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35 thoughts on “12 Really Useful CSS3 Tips And Techniques”

    1. Im not sure. Smashing Magazine have a cheat sheet, but as for a browser compatibility table, i don’t think there is one yet.

      This may be because all different browsers support different CSS 3 techniques.

  1. Great article! Can’t wait till the old web browsers fade out and we can finally code in CSS 3 and HTML 5. There’s so much more you can do to push web design to the next level.

  2. Fantastic article, many thanks! Just yesterday I was wondering when we would be able to spec a custom “border” and there is the solution in CSS 3!

  3. thanks for that useful tips. i will try it out these days. i hope there will be more browsers understanding css3 and html5 in the near future.

  4. Very nice. I think I’ll create a WP theme which relies heavily on CSS3… After all, the only way the web will ever move forward is if we stop living in the past.

  5. All these properties are good but not supported on all Browsers….So from a client point of view for a developer to keep same on all browsers is a nightmare.

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