15+ Flash Websites For Inspiration


Flash websites have started to get very interesting these days. There was a time when I used to strongly discourage flash but now I think that with time, people have learned how to get more innovative with their ideas. I have compiled this list of 15+ flash websites for design inspiration. Have a look at them, get inspired, and let us know how you feel about them in your comments.

Waterlife (http://waterlife.nfb.ca/)


Agency Net (http://agencynet.com/)

Yoshinoya (http://www.kinetic.com.sg/awards/yoshinoya/)

VOB Nedir – no longer available


The Creative Fridge (http://thecreativefridge.com/)

Damman Pearce (http://dammanpearce.com/)

Subspecies (http://www.subspecies.co.uk/)

Dasai Creative Engineering (http://www.dasai.es/)

ARBOmedia (http://arbomedia.pl/)

Mindsmack (http://mindsmack.com/madness/)

Kasulo (http://www.kasulo.ws/)
This website is fantastic. Yes, I mean it!

Oddo Design – no longer up

SoInteractive (http://sointeractive.pl/)

DigitalKick (http://www.digitalkick.com/)

Guitouxx (http://www.guitouxx.com/)
Choose the “FUN side” on the homepage. Scroll to navigate.

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6 thoughts on “15+ Flash Websites For Inspiration”

  1. Good collection of flash sites, i tend not to like websites that are completely designed in Flash. Because sometimes the interactivity can be poor and the sites take a long time to load. But most of these sites are really good in terms of interactivity.
    My favourite website on this list is http://sointeractive.pl/. The sketched images on a plain background work well together and all the animations and interactions work smoothly. Whenever im looking for good flash sites for inspiration in my work i always look at http://www.thefwa.com/, they tend to have all the best flash websites listed.

  2. A great collection of flash websites, i find the interactivity very appealing but i don’t think this style of website would suit every profession. Although as a html web designer, i would love to learn some more flash.

  3. Thank you for this collection, the waterlife website is amazing but I love the style of the Yoshinoya website. If only more clients wanted this style!

  4. Really attractive websites. I love flash sites, but it is not so well when building a ecommerce site. It is always so slow, this is really bad for website that selling products.

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