15 Free Christmas Desktop Wallpapers


With Christmas only a week and a half away, I thought it would be a great idea to roundup some fantastic Christmas Desktop Wallpapers, to bring the festive season to your desktop. Compiled here are 15 Christmas Desktop Wallpapers that are free to download in many different screen resolutions.

Let me know what Desktop Wallpaper you like the best. I will have to say my favorite is probably number 5 of number 13. Also, if you have found any other amazing Christmas Desktop Wallpapers, then please feel free to share them with us and the readers of WebDesignDev by leaving a comment. Thanks and enjoy the collection!

#1 Christmas Snowman

Christmas Snowman

This lovely sepia tones Christmas wallpaper looks great and will bring the Christmas atmosphere to your house.

#2 Festive Christmas

Festive Christmas

This is a great festive Christmas wallpaper with red and golden colors.

#3 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

This is a more modern Christmas wallpaper with a moose head ad the main element. The vector graphics are very high quality and they were clearly done by a very talented illustrator.

#4 Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas

This is a simple, red and gold, Christmas wallpaper, free to download!

#5 Colourful Christmas Lights

Colourful Christmas Lights

This wallpaper has some Christmas lights 3D illustrations. It looks nice in shades of red and green.

#6 Christmas Village

Christmas Village

This is a wonderful Christmas Desktop wallpaper with amazing illustrations of a village covered in snow.

#7 Wonderful Christmas

Wonderful Christmas

This wallpaper is all about the gift-giving atmosphere of Christmas.

#8 Grey Christmas

Grey Christmas

This is a more minimalist and modern Christmas wallpaper, designed in shades of grey only.

#9 Gold Christmas Tree

Gold Christmas Tree

This super sparkly Christmas wallpaper will create a magical atmosphere make you think of Christmas holidays.

#10 Vector Christmas Tree

Vector Christmas Tree

This is a vector illustration Christmas wallpaper with red background and a Christmas tree as a center element.

#11 Snowman Vector

Snowman Vector

This is a cute and fun snowman vector wallpaper. It would look awesome on your kid’s computer!

#12 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

This fun and cartoonish Christmas wallpaper looks great and has some really cool 3D vector elements.

#13 Festive Christmas

Festive Christmas

Mark the date on your calendar with this Christmas wallpaper!

#14 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wish Merry Christmas to your friends by sending them this cool vector designed wallpaper.

#15 Blue Christmas Tree

Blue Christmas Tree

This is a lovely, blue colored Christmas desktop wallpaper with a magical atmosphere.

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