15 Poster Designs That Will Blow You Away


On WebDesignDev, we post alot of inspiration to the blog, such as logos, websites designs etc. Today I thought we should go for a slight change, and put up some inspirational poster designs. These will blow you away. The amount of talent and skill that has gone into creating these posters is immense. Anyway, enjoy! PS – If you want to add to the next collection, drop us a comment below. If you really like these posters, use print services to turn them into something you can put on your wall.

Poster Designs That Will Blow You Away

This neon colored poster design is perfect for a clubbing event.  Its design is truly inspirational for all print designers, especially if they need to create something for a nightlife event.

2 Poster Designs That Will Blow You Away

This beautiful poster was created for a music festival. The background was designed by a very talented illustrator. Also, the textures used in this poster resemble old paper and are a very nice, retro inspired detail.

3 inspirational poster design

This is another great example of a poster design created for a music event. Typography is a very important detail when designing such posters. This one uses modern, clean typography and some cool, grungy effects.

4 inspirational poster design

What I like most about this poster is the nice watercolor effect the designer used. The ‘not-so-good’ aspect is that the font is very hard to read!

5 inspirational poster design

This is a beautiful example of a vintage inspired poster design. The colors and textures are amazing. The concept was to create a cool, old book cover effect.

6 inspirational poster design


This horizontal music event poster design has some very nice illustrations and a very well chosen color palette. Also, the fonts match the overall design.

7 inspirational print design

This is a minimalistic poster design with some background swirls which symbolize feminity and elegance. The combination betweet blue, gold and brown is also a very good choice.

8 inspirational print design

The “Splatter”effect is very common on music related poster designs. This dark, yet colorful poster is one great source of inspiration for this trend.

9 inspirational print design

Stars and arrows are also commonly used in posters and especially in vector illustrations. This particular example offers a creative vision over the war subject.

10 inspirational print design

What makes this poster design so special is the beautiful photo manipulation cover. The rest is simple and minimalistic, in order to emphasize the amazing photograph.

11 inspirational print design

This sepia, vintage inpsired poster design, combines retro elements with modern techniques, resulting in a beautiful, creative design.

12 inspirational print design

I love how all the colors and graphic elements blend together in this creative poster design, although it may be a bit hard to read.

13 inspirational print design

This is a great example of a vintage inspired poster design with some really elegant details.

14 inspirational print design

This beautiful, techno/minimal/electro music poster, has a unique 3D-blur effect which makes it stand out!

15 inspirational print design

This hand-drawn poster will surely catch people’s attention!

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36 thoughts on “15 Poster Designs That Will Blow You Away”

  1. Love these. My fav has to be the SIGNAL piece. I know how hard replicating an art deco influenced style can be, and they hit it spot-on. Kudos to you, sir!

  2. You chose title very correctly – definitely BLEW me away 🙂 Signal poster is my favorite pick, lovely color composition.

  3. Some fantastic designs, but some are a little difficult to read the information that you really need.

  4. Those designs really did blew my mind away. They are all awesome. I can’t pick just one as my favorite! 🙂

  5. The artwork is absolutely fantastic no question, one question though, bearing in mind their primary aim, how many of them would actually sell anything other than copies of the poster.

  6. Wow! I like the Vincent Flavia of Lounge Inn. Smokin’ hot! Spit Kingdom was nice too but the theme go against the image of a “ClubNight” Hmmm… a morning design of a clubNIGHT. Lol!

  7. I love the Signal poster, but I think the Lounge Inn poster tips it….just. A great collection, but the Lounge Inn one really stands out!

  8. LOVE the designs, but the fonts on many are totally unreadable. I think for a ‘blow you away’ list, you should have great art plus readability.
    Numbers 1 and 4 are the worst for readability, but 2, 3, 7, 8 and 10 are spectacular design and font choices. I really LOVE these ones and they deserve high praise for their work. True artists indeed!

  9. 1-2-4-10 are my preferite posters. Thanks for this collections.. Different design and many ideas and solution for every designer. Thanks for sharing, add to bookmark now!

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