15 Tattoo Fonts For Ink Lovers


I am sure many of you want to use fonts on yours or some of your client websites that are not traditional – web fonts that stand out. I think a great way to do this is to use tattoo fonts. Why tattoo fonts? Well, they just look really cool : ) Enjoy a collection of 15  tattoo fonts below:

Tattoo Fonts

Angel Tears font

ANGEL TEARS font was created in 2010 by Billy Argel. It is very sketchy and the capital letters look great.

Download. (Personal use only)
Angel Tears Tattoo Fonts

Beech font

Beech font is an unusual looking font with interesting characters. The design looks great, although the letters are not very easy to read.

Download. (Commercial use is okay)
Beech Tattoo Fonts

Bleeding Cowboys font

Bleeding Cowboys by Segments Design (aka Last Soundtrack) is a nice font with a grungy look and a western inspired design.

Download. (Personal use only)
Bleeding Cowboys Tattoo Fonts

Dirty And Classic font

Dirty and Classic by Billy Argel is a handwritten font with some grungy ink splatter details. Looks great as a tattoo font.

Download. (Personal use only)
Dirty And Classic Tattoo Fonts

Ginga font

This grungy hadwritten font looks great. Tip: Use the symbols > and < to make the end of the word,. the “tail” ·

Download. (Personal use only)
Ginga Tattoo Fonts

Ink In The Meat font

This font is partial and free for personal use only. The complete set has a lot of scrolls different letters and final letters.

Download. (Personal use only)
Ink In The Meat Tattoo Fonts

Santos Dumont font

This font is partial and free for personal use only. Commercial licenses and pro version available.

Download. (Personal use only)
Santos Dumont Tattoo Fonts

Shaman font

You can download Shaman font by Gaut Fonts which is listed under Gothic. It has a nice, creepy design. Would look great in Halloween themed designs!

Download. (Personal use only)
Shaman Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo Sailor font

Download the free Tattoo Sailor font by Juan Casco. This is an old school tattoo face. Free for personal use only, no commercial use.

Download. (Personal use only)
Tatoo Sailor Font

Tattoo Ink font

Download the free Tattoo Ink font by Ryan Splint. This is a fancy retro font. The font contains letters only – no punctuation or numbers are provided.

Download. (Commercial use is okay)
Tattoo Ink Font

Tribal font

This tribal font is free to download and use in your commercial projects too. It has a very nice design and a great tribal vibe.

Download. (Commercial use is okay)
Tribal Tattoo Font

Tribal Garamond font

Download the free Tribal Garamond font by Shaashimov. This  is decorative font in ttf for windows and mac!

Download. (Commercial use is okay)
Tribal Garamond Tattoo Fonts

VTC-Bad Tattoo Hand One font

VTC-BadTattooHandOne.ttf is Windows and Mac OS X compatible. VTC-Bad Tattoo Hand One was created by Vigilante Typeface Corporation – Larry E. Yerkes.

Download. (Personal use only)
VTC-Bad Tattoo Hand One Tattoo Fonts

VTC-TribalThreeFree font

Download the free VTC-TribalThreeFree font by Vigilante TypeFace Corp. This font  is available for Windows and Mac.

Download. (Personal use only)
VTC-TribalThreeFree Tattoo Fonts

Zoe Graphic font

Download the free ZOE Graphic font by Tanja Schulz. ZOE Graphic Regular font is free to download for Windows or Mac OS. This font is available in TrueType or OpenType format.

Download. (Commercial use is okay)
ZOE Graphic Tattoo Fonts

Which one of these tattoo fonts is your favorite? Do you have any tattoo fonts you’d want to add to the list?

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7 thoughts on “15 Tattoo Fonts For Ink Lovers”

  1. I don’t know where you got the idea that these are “tattoo fonts” – but speaking as a former tattoo artist, the majority of the typefaces in this list would be completely unsuitable for tattooing, and would never be used as such.

    1. Hi John,

      I think you got the wrong idea – I listed these fonts for inspiration for use on websites. Usage on bodies is completely optional 🙂

    2. I used the Ginga font for one of my tattoos and it looks awesome! nothing but compliments so screw the people who say its “unsuitable”

  2. Well maybe people wouldnt get the wrong idea if perhaps the fonts had a proper title. It clearly states at the top of the page “15 Tattoo Fonts For Ink Lovers”. Which as a tattoo artist and shop owner is clearly misleading for a person looking for a font to actually get tattooed. Dont get me wrong the fonts are nice and are suited for websites and graphic design, but definatly not tattooing. So for future reference you would probably have more success in properly labeling the fonts.

    1. Hi Rick,

      I do apologize that it seems misleading to you. Please note that I run a web design blog so the things I mention are in some way related to web designing. I’ve just clarified the post so that there is no confusion. Thank you.

  3. These are some unique fonts! I’m like how you listed right by the font whether it is for commercial use or not. That save me time. I’ve never seen a font like Tribal Garamond font, nice!

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