18 Impressive Vectors For Design Inspiration


I haven’t posted any vector inspiration in quite a while on WebdesignDev, so here is another compilation of absolutely amazing vector artwork. Some of the designs here are just outstanding and must have taken a very long time to design. You may also want to see some of our other vector design compilations such as 14 Inspirational Vectors For The Average Web Designer and 15 Abstract Vectors For Design Inspiration. If you have any vectors you would like to add to our next collection, feel free to drop us a comment.

Cube Website Redesign

Cube Website Redesign was created by a very talented German designer. This is a very unusual website, with cool, unique elements and outstanding vector illustrations. It is surely a great source of inspiration for both web designers and illustrators.

Pattern project

This beautiful vector illustration is part of a Pattern project created by a talented designer from NY. Check out his Behance profile for more vector pattern illustrations.

Animal Series Illustrations

This amazing illustration is part of an Animal Series Illustrations project. Beautiful, grungy textures are combined with clean vectors and create a creative, unique illustration.

Jones Soda Co.

This beautiful illustration project was designed especially for Jones Soda Co.. The bottles have unique designs and are surely a great addition to your vector/print design collection.

creepy looking vector illustration

This creepy looking vector illustration is very high quality and shows the designer’s awesome drawing and Illustrator’s skills.

photo manpulation in Photoshop

This illustration combines vector work with photo manipulation in Photoshop. It looks very interesting.

beautiful photo manipulations

This is another great example of how vectors can be used in creating beautiful photo manipulations.

Fire and Ice

Combine vectors and Photoshop to create awesome photo manipulations like this designer did. This project is called Fire and Ice.


PartyFriends is a cool vector illustration created by a very talented designer for BubbleFriends.de website.

Sneaker's Lover

Sneaker’s Lover is a very creative illustration which shows how imaginative and talented the designer is. Check out the link for more images from this project.

Don't worry be hairy!

This fun poster would look awesome printed and hanged up on your wall. Don’t worry be hairy!

Animal Series Project

This amazing, magical illustration is part of the Animal Series Project. Check out the link for more inspiration.


Depthcore is an amazing vector illustrations project with abstract drawings and vintage effects. Check out the link for more items belonging to this awesome project.

Poum Poum World

Poum Poum World is a super-creative and imaginative vector illustration. It’s also super fun to watch! Pink poops, really?!

A banana slipping on a banana peel

A banana slipping on a banana peel is the awesome idea behind this illustration. This vector is used on T-Shirts. The tees are printed with: plastisol ink, 4-color screen print and a chino additive for softness.

Fish Tank

Fish Tank – I  think the image is pretty self explanatory, the designer just wanted to take a common object and add a bit of a twist to it.

Owl Boy

Owl Boy is a cool, vector illustration with some really beautiful details. It looks like taken from a cartoon movie.

 Italian Magazine named „Blog Mag"

This is a poster illustration created for an Italian Magazine named „Blog Mag”.

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  1. I just love vectors.
    My vote goes to the Jones Jumble.
    After that one, I cannot make up my mind.
    You should have twisted their arms and forced them to submit some detailed tutorials.

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