20 Awesome Vintage Posters for Your Inspiration


There was always an attraction for retro, vintage and pop art designs. Even though, trends come and go, this one seems to stick around especially in the print design niche. Retro and vintage style designs may seem a bit difficult but with some work and a few tips and tricks you can master this art too.

We’ve selected 20 amazing vintage posters and flyers designs, to inspire you in creating beautiful retro designs. Did you notice how they all follow some basic design rules? Pack your freebie collection with some retro fonts and graphics and start designing! You have your retro design inspiration source right here.

AIGA Studio Tour


“Seeing is Believing”. This is a quick poster the designer did for an AIGA tour. They toured different design studios and agencies.

Big Fish Poster


An adventure as big as life itself. This is a vintage poster made for Tim Burton’s Big Fish movie.

Captain America Vintage Poster


The first avenger captain America. I think it’s cool to take the modern superheros today and take them back in time, design wise, to see how they would look with little wear and tear. This is a great example!

Cosmic Thrills


Cosmic thrills from beyond! This is a vintage poster made by a designer who wanted to combine horror with space elements. He succeeded!

Design of Dissent Poster


Wanted vintage poster. This poster was made as part of a cultural identity university project.

Dr Who Poster 


Where do you want to start poster. This is a work in progress poster for Dr Who Series 5! This poster gives it that optimistic 70’s Tomorrowland look, to reflect that periods optimism and looking forward to the future.

FCTP 10th Anniversary


The concept was to produce fake movie posters, inspired by the classics, where the number ten was replacing the original ones, and with the element of celebration we were able to create ironic solutions.

Harry Potter POA Poster


It’s called, as I understand it, a Horcrux. This is an alt poster design for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

IBM 5100 


IMB 5100 portable computer 1975. This IMB poster is part of a series of posters on retro gadgets.

Little Boy


Little boy what a cute name for an atomic bomb poster. What inspired the designer to create this beautiful poster is the following quote: “In a tram seen rows of white skeletons. Bones There were also people who tried to flee. Hiroshima had become a living hell.” Hiroshima, Japan – Monday, August 6, 1945.

los SUPERmanes


This is a nice collection of vintage posters, turning regular people into superheroes.

Music Posters


This is a beautiful collection of vintage posters inspired by music artists. They all have very nice type work.

Nothing Endures


“Nothing endures but change” – Heraclitus.

Party vintage poster


This is a poster the designer did for a party. Their website treats pop as a drug (hence the name – in English Pop Pill), so the party would be the perfect place for its consumption.

Psycho Poster


We all go a little mad sometimes poster. This is an alt poster design for Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

TCK Poster


Poster design for indie film “The Third Culture Kids” (TCK). Done in Photoshop.

The Shining Poster


This is an alt poster design for The Shining.



Poster for event with dj and producer voidloss.

Zombie poster


This is a zombie inspired poster with vintage and retro touches.

Product Display


This is a digital thermal print on Finch 100# Cover stock and hand signed on the front.

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