20 Examples of Flat Animal Inspired Logos


Animal logos look really nice and are very eye-catching! A high quality, well designed animal logo can help you increase your brands’ value by associating it with a mascot. People love mascots! If you want a logo which will grasp the visitors’ attention then you should check out these carefully selected flat animal inspired logos, created by skillful designers. Which ones do you like most?

One Approach logo design

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 2

This is a colibri inspired logo, with colorful accents and beautiful subtle textures.

Logo Dodo pizza

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 3

This is a beautiful logo for a pizza company which illustrates a dodo bird as a business mascot.

Smith Realty Logo

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 4

This is a logo developed for a realty in the Phoenix area. It illustrates a lion with a king’s crown on its head.


Flat Animal Inspired Logos 20

This is a simple logo for a casino website. It illustrates a dinosaur in a funny and friendly way.

The Fox Hollow Group

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 5

This vintage inspired logo is a true masterpiece! The designer chose beautiful typography and created an amazing animal inspired logo.

Puma logo

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 6

This vectorized puma can be used as a mascot logo for multiple types of companies. It is very well designed!

Logo Boxer

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 7

This logo illustrates a vectorized boxer dog’s head and makes up a very well designed, high quality logo.

Deer logo

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 8

This is another great example of flat design logos which have animal inspired elements.

Swann Logo Concept

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 9

This mean swan looking logo will look great as an emblem for a sports team! Great mascot too!

Growcase Rebranding Idea

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 10

This is a beautiful, animal inspired logo with vintage elements and subtle textures.

First Steps

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 11

This logo is great to be used for toy stores or baby stores commpanies. The pastel colors are kid-friendly and inspire love and peace!

Kangaroo Bandit

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 1

The logo illustration was made for Kangaroo Bandit website. It is cartoonish and fun!

Sheepy Me

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 12

Sheepy Me is an online store of felt jewelry & accessories. The logo is simple and monochrome but it suits the business perfectly!

Jurassic Wine Logo

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 13

This is a really fun and creative logo inspired by the  Brachiosaurus dinosaur.


Flat Animal Inspired Logos 15

Both fish and cow?! This funny, animal inspired logo will surely catch your visitors attention!

Owl IV

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 16

The color choices for this logo are brilliant! The details make the difference, and I’m sure you’ve notice the beautiful, subtle shadow. This is an overall great animal inspired logo!

Wildlife Studio

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 17

The beautiful brushed effect is eye grabbing! This dark logo is a great source of inspiration for designers. The colors were very well chosen too!

Frosty Moose

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 21

This design was to a certain degree dictated by the client’s wishes, but the designer was able to get a bit more style in there than anticipated. It turned out to be a great, fun logo!

Carls Meat Co.

Flat Animal Inspired Logos 19Flat Animal Inspired Logos 19

This is a simple, minimalist logo for a butcher shop.

Deer Logo Design

Flat Animal Inspired Logos

This is another deer inspired logo with some beautiful, abstract accents and great color choices. What did you think of these 20 examples of flat animal inspired logos? Which animal logo did you like the best?

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  1. ‘Deer’ logo is great!
    However, I wouldn’t say all of the examples perfectly qualify as ‘flat’. Frosty Moose, for instance…

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