20 Flash Websites You Wish Were Yours


There’s something to be admired about Flash websites.  Perfect, smooth, graphics, fluid movement, interactivity and general in-your-face presence that they emit, are all reasons we still get lost in an immaculately designed and perfectly executed Flash website.  Whether you’re looking to kill some time, looking for inspiration, or just aimlessly surfing, sit back and check out these 20 Flash Websites That You Wish Were Yours.  I would advise having some sort of high speed internet to check these out; an old 56k dial-up modem may start smoking on some of these websites.


The Gorillaz website www.gorillaz.com/plasticbeach is less like a website and more like a video game.  In fact, there are loads of games that you can play on the site while strolling around Plastic Beach.

gorillaz Flash Website


Yep, Milk.  The California Milk Processor Board has launched a website (link: http://www.gettheglass.com/index2.html) promoting milk that is so interactive that one would say it’s a game that acts like a Flash site.

milk Flash Website


Greenpeace launched a pretty slick Flash website (link: http://anewwarrior.greenpeace.org/?lang=en) to help raise funds and awareness for their new Rainbow Warrior ship.  A video montage intro is followed by a very cool website that allows you to have a 360 degree exterior view of the ship, along with multiple views, and to see who has helped contribute to the ship.

greenpeace Flash Website

Lego® Star Wars III

Legos, Star Wars, video games and Flash: sounds like a winning combination if I’ve ever heard one!  Lucas Arts launched this Flash site (link: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/legostarwarsiii/index.jsp) to promote the third installment of the Lego® Star Wars video game.  The site, a Flash video game itself, is a great way to kill some time and shoot some clones.

legoStarWars Flash Website

Buick Regal

Buick has adapted their flashy Buick Regal to the web with their Flash-y Moment of Truth (link: http://www.momentoftruth.com/) site.  The navigation is similar to a spinning Rubik’s cube, with multiple options on how to spin it, and the site features several reviews from experts and happy owners.

buick Flash Website


Cocktails, fine dining and a Flash site created by someone thinking outside the box – that’s what Carls Bar and Espresso accomplished with their website (link: http://www.carls.no/en/#/home).  Instead of a static background image, you get a tour of the restaurant, see drinks being made, food being prepared, and orders being delivered.  It’s creativity at its best, sucking the potential customer through their computer monitor and into the restaurant.

carls Flash Website

Sony Internet TV

Sony developed a very cool website concept (link: http://discover.store.sony.com//internettv/#/home) to promote their Internet TV.  A cool intro tour of a city leads you to a massive TV in the city center, which has grabbed the attention of some fellow citizens, and a balloon vendor.  Very cool use of Flash with the traffic in the background, flowing trees, and the buzz of the people.

sony Flash Website

Sony Bravia 3D TV

Sony didn’t just give their Internet TV a top-notch site and forget about everything else they sell, check out the micro-site (link: http://discover.store.sony.com/innovations/hd3d/) for their BRAVIA® Full 1080p 3D HDTV.  This site takes awesome to a whole other dimension: a third dimension!

bravia Flash Website

Ben Faragau

Photographer Ben Fargau developed an eye-catching Flash site (link: http://www.benfaragau.com/main.html) to showcase his talent as a photographer.  Take a stroll through the old time cobbled streets, browse through his gallery, or check out his blog.  This is a unique approach to Flash user experience, as well as a unique way for a photographer to display his portfolio.

benFaragau Flash Website

Riverfront Park

The city of Denver unleashed this incredible Flash site (link: http://www.riverfrontpark.com/index.aspx) promoting and informing citizens of their new River Front Park.  A thumbnail collage background gives the homepage character and flare while fulfilling the requirements for a picture gallery.  The “explore the neighborhood” interactive map is a really clever way of including the citizens into the vision of the park.

riverfrontPark Flash Website


Next time you’re taking a chocolate break and enjoying some m&m’s, be sure to check out their Join The Hunt microsite (link: http://www.firstborn.com/websites/156_mm_join_the_hunt/us/) that they developed to promote their “World’s Most Speck-tacular Egg Hunt”.  The site is set up much like a game, where you can navigate the site by clicking on different aspects of the page and moving your cursor around to get the page to follow.

mandm Flash Website


There’s one word I was not eager to say when I came across Sayonara’s website (link: http://www.misayonara.com/); saying goodbye was the last thing I wanted to do.  There was so much to click on, the graphics were fun, plenty of interactive aspects to keep me exploring and enough low key product placement to make me immediately want a burger and fries.

sayonara Flash Website


This promotional microsite (link: http://www.darc.ro/minichallenge/) for Mini features a driving game that has you peeling rubber across the top of a bar, while dodging cocktail glasses.  I can’t say that drinking and driving is a good combination, but the combination of a Flash website with an integrated driving game is pretty fun!

mini Flash Website

Arbo Media

This is a fun online portfolio (link: http://arbomedia.pl/) for Arbo Media, an active advertising agency in Poland, utilizing a Flash interface.  The site features a cityscape with links all over town to their portfolio features and is topped off with their Cyclops space creature, which also happens to be their logo, dancing in the city center.  It’s a fun site with great attention to detail.

arboMedia Flash Website

Frito Lay

Frito Lay launched a promotional Flash site (link: http://madeforeachother.com/) that is an interactive game.  The site has three levels: a sky level promoting their cream dips, a hot level that represents their salsa, and an underwater level promoting their bean dips.  There’s very subtle product placement, and plenty of curiosity in the site to keep you clicking around on things and exploring.

frito Flash Website


Not even Snoopy could resist the action of having a Flash website (link: http://www.snoopyflyingace.com/#/Home). The Snoopy Flying Ace site promotes the XBOX Live arcade game with the same name.  Some fun animation and a creative navigation that uses newspaper headlines are just a few of the cool things to be seen on this site.

snoopy Flash Website

Dutch Horticulture

Dutch Horticulture has planted the fun and interactive seed in viewers to their site (link: http://nederlandse.tuinbouw.nl/#/).  An interactive map, consisting of chunks of land floating in the sky, is accompanied by a traditional navigation bar expanding in from the side.  It’s an extremely informative site that covers all aspects of horticulture, from logistics and international trade, to science and sustainability.

dutchHort Flash Website


Known for their flashy shoes, Adidas’ homepage (link: http://www.adidas.com/us/homepage.asp) is a unique approach to Flash navigation.  Various sized thumbnails grow, shrink, and move out of the way as you hover over them, while displaying more information on their respective products.  Once you navigate from the homepage it is a normal, static, website.  But you’ve got to admit, that homepage is pretty cool!

adidas Flash Websites

MSI Chicago

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has developed a fun, interactive Flash site (link: http://www.msichicago.org/fileadmin/Activities/Games/simple_machines/) for their visitors.  Much like a Museum of Science and Industry, the site tricks you into having fun while you learn.  Definitely not a bad thing, plus it gives the viewer the impression that the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is a great place for fun and learning.

msiChicago Flash Websites

The Painted Tower

The Painted Tower website (link: http://thepaintedtowergame.com/play/) is so many games in one that it puts itself in a league of its own.  You even get to play a game while the rest of the site loads!  Consider this your warning that some of the things you discover inside the painted tower may spook or haunt you.

paintedTower Flash Websites

When executed properly, a Flash site can be quite awesome.  And the possibilities of what can be done with Flash are limitless!  But to build sites similar to these is not something that happens overnight and can be a long, and often frustrating, process.  If you find yourself in this situation then I’d suggest checking out an online Flash site creator, like www.wix.com.  Wix is an online Flash builder with a drag-and-drop development interface and, best of all, it generates backend HTML code, making your Flash site SEO friendly!

About the author: with over ten years in the freelance web design and writing fields, Scott Stanton has had his finger on the beating pulse of the industry’s hottest design trends and bends for the past decade. Scott regularly writes for Wix.com the free website builder.

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