20 Very Clever Logo Designs


I thought that some logo design inspiration was in order, as we haven’t posted anything along the logo lines in a while. I have made a compilation of 20 extremely clever logo designs. The trick is to look into the logos and see what they are based on, then try and work out what the hidden message is. An example would be the Amazon logo. Many people think the arrow underneath it is a smiley face, when infact it is pointing from the a to the z.


Hint: The g is in a shape of a giraffe.
1 Clever Logo Designs


Hint: Features a bar glass with bar code lines.
2 Clever Logo Designs


Hint: Coffee cup made of wires.

The Dog House

Hint: A house that’s turned to look like a dog’s head.
4 Clever Logo Designs


Hint: Pencil between the i and the l.
5 Logo Designs


Hint: The arrow can mean smile or a-z of everything.
6 Clever Logo Designs

Horror Films

Hint: The film reel has 3 holes that look like a scared face.
7 Clever Logo Designs


Hint: Looks like the front of a steam engine.
8 Logo Designs


Hint: The word “eight” made from 8’s.
9 Logo Designs


Hint: More with different length lines making a 4.
10 Clever Logo Designs

Turtle Island

Hint: A turtle made of small islands.
11 Logo Designs


Hint: A family is made up of the 2 i’s and 1 l.
12 Clever Logo Designs


Hint: The a and p look like the inside holes of a tape.
13 Clever Logo Designs

Ed’s Electric

Hint: A plug joining which has an E in the middle.
14 Clever Logo Designs

Wine Searcher

Hint: A pair of glasses made from 2 wine bottles.
15 Clever Logo Designs

Food Writers

Hint: A spoon as the inside pen nib.
16 Clever Logo Designs


Hint: The word look which looks like someone looking.
17 Clever Logo Designs


Hint: The 2 is pushed within the word.
18 Clever Logo Designs

Umbrella Prints

Hint: A U and P making an umbrella.
19 Logo Designs


Hint: The number 18 within the word eighteen.
20 Logo Designs

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56 thoughts on “20 Very Clever Logo Designs”

  1. I like the fact that you explained each logo… “The word look which looks like someone looking” classic!

  2. There are some very creative designs here. I had to look at the Ed’s Electric logo a couple of times before the E jumped out. Took me a moment on umbrella prints too. Great work.

  3. Nice. I have seen and previosly admired most of these.
    Although, have to say that I am not too keen on the green for the more4 logo, kind of diminishes its relevance to the present as it looks outdated.

    1. Totaly and utterly agree with you Mersi, it actually really bugs me (the colour that is) … Why the heck that well outdated 1968 green?

  4. Brilliant designs.. very clever, yeah and i agree on the green on the more4 logo looking outdated… loved the food writing logo..

  5. A great collection of logo designs here. All of them are good apart from the more4 logo which is definitely outdated. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. Excellent logos, I especially liked Version2. I read it as just that, at first glance, without even noticing that the 2 was in the middle.

  7. Nice research! Those logos are very impressive and I can feel that the logo creators certainly would have spent a lot of time designing those.

  8. Good work Andy!

    Nice designs…I haven’t got the talent, but I can see the effort and thought that’s gone into these.

  9. Great logo design. Must appreaciated and designers have to follow these logo’s for their websites. Really inspirational logos

  10. channel four logos and branding are always so clever and well designed.

    love the horror film one though. clever and a sense of humor!

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