26 Dark Website Designs That Work Well


I have compiled a showcase of the most fantastic dark website designs. All of these designs work very well with each other. The colours, backgrounds, text effects, images and overall web design positioning has selected very carefully in order to make them top of their game, and a masterpiece within itself. If you think I have missed any out from the list of 26, then please feel free to drop in a comment. Remember to click on the images to view each website. Thanks to Ten Thousand Things for the title post image!

Take The Walk

This website stands out because of the red boxes and white text it uses on top of the black background. Red accents look great on black backgrounds. Also, the textures are a ncie touch.

Take The Walk Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Starbucks Coffee At Home

The light text border on the dark background makes this design work very well. The typography is beautiful and the background, brown texture is a nice detail.

Starbucks Coffee At Home Dark Website Designs

* * * * *

Evan Eckard

The white text and separating white lines make the content stand out from a dark background. The starry background is a nice detail.

Evan Eckard Dark Website Design

* * * * *


All the black and white images, green splatters, and other miscellaneous background objects make this design fit nicely together with a dark background. The cool vector illustration make it look professional and unique.

Electricurren Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Print Huge

This design uses dark blue as the main colour, and the text is a light blue to make it stand out. Also the giant printer on the right hand side lives up to the site name.

Print Huge Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Nice Lion Design

This design uses bright text, and then a different array of dark colours for the background / menu. Large typography looks great on fullscreen, dark themed websites.

Nice Lion Design Dark Website Designs

* * * * *

Level 9

This website uses a great array of colours, and the image border makes it stand out. The text is large and catches the visitors’ attention.

Level 9 Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Good Bytes

There’s a beautiful selection of dark colours used on this site. Dark violet goes great with the overall dark themed design.

Good Bytes Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Maurice Krijtenberg

This website has a cool concept of animage that stands out on the dark background. It’s very interesting and eye-catching.

Maurice Krijtenberg Dark Website Designs

* * * * *

Ten Thousand Things

This website uses a dark space background, and a lovely slime green for the logo and nav that really stands out.

Ten Thousand Things Dark Website Design

* * * * *


Kavoon uses a really stand out graphic on their homepage, along with white text on a dark background.

Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Fred Maya

Fred Maya’s website has a nice contrast of blues to make this dark web design work well. The background effects are really nice.

Fred Maya Dark Website Designs

* * * * *

Creative Logic Media

This site uses a nice glow of colours as the header to make the menu stand out. Love the colours!

Creative Logic Media Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Mike Poss

Mike uses a selection of illustrations in blue, pink and white to make his site stand out from the dark background.

Mike Poss Dark Website Designs

* * * * *


This site uses some sexy colours! I love the red on the black, looks so nice. Red is always a greet accent color choice, when designing dark themed websites.

Sato Dark Website Design

* * * * *


I love the green grass contrast on the dark background. It’s a nice element and makes the simple nav bar stand out!

VLP Dark Website Design

* * * * *

We Are Cyan

This website uses 3 simple colours. Black, white and cyan. Its simple, but it works, and it’s part of their branding concept.

We Are Cyan Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Visit Mix

Mix has a very colourful navigation menu, that outshines the rest of the site. And it looks really great on the dark coloured background too!

Visit Mix Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Let It Bleed

The dark blue and red colours work extremely well to make this site looks fantastic.

Let It Bleed Dark Website Designs

* * * * *

New Concept

New Concept uses brown and red colours and has a floral style effect. The large typography in the slider, is also a nice touch.

New Concept Dark Website Design

* * * * *


This website uses a dark background, but a different bright colour for each section. Love the idea!

AdaptD Dark Website Designs

* * * * *

Product Planner

This site is in the style of a black board. I really like it (oldschool).

Product Planner Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Noe Design

The text effects, colours, and positioning works very well on this dark background website design.

Noe Design Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Plan 4 Play

A simple design can work wonders. Very minimal colours with this one looks great!

Plan 4 Play Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Sugar Rhyme

This site comes across with a dark rich colour scheme. The different shades of brown work so well.

Sugar Rhyme Dark Website Design

* * * * *

Sofa Surfer

Sofa Surfer has a nice rich background gradient and some great choice of text colours go along way.

Sofa Surfer Dark Website Design

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47 thoughts on “26 Dark Website Designs That Work Well”

  1. Do dark website designs work at all for target audience say over 50 years?

    I know a lot of photographers’ websites carry dark design, some provide the option of viewing images on a white background.

  2. Indeed, these black layouts looks sleek, but I always believed that is not such a good idea to put white text on black background because your eyes will hate you. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Andy! This is a really great showcase post. Probably the best I’ve seen so far of dark designs. Great work putting this together!

  4. I made my website dark as well ( http://www.stephaniezuroff.com )… after a lot of debate. I just feel like the darker, richer color pallet really reflects me as a person as a designer… so I went with it. I know there’s a lot of talk in the web design community about how hard it is to pull off a dark design… and I think I did an okay job at it, but I would love to hear more feedback from other designers!

  5. I use dark background as default on my site, but I give the option to reverse to black on white for the users that may prefer it. I too love a touch of red, my favorite color.

    Nice review: I particularly enjoyed seeing other websites than the usual bunch gathered in “xx websites you should see” posts. You actually did your homework, kudos on that!

  6. @Paul Smith

    This is Helvetica series

    nice collection for personal web designs i like it very much…
    Great job Andy

  7. I think that the crucial part her is “Work Well.” These definitely do it, though many dark designs fail to hit the mark.

  8. Wow, these are all gorgeously done. All of these really do work well. Thanks for sharing such an inspire list of sites.

  9. So many designers get dark sites wrong because they use too much solid black. Notice the subtly use of lighting and texture in most of these designs.

  10. Some really nice slick designs their, never new that a dark site could look so good, Thanks for posting! πŸ™‚

  11. Great list I always offended dark website designs, but I think I’ll have to change my mind after looking at all the great designs. Keep up the good work and keep feeding us with such delights.

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