30 Amazing Web Design Interfaces From DeviantArt


Today I have compiled a list of amazing web design interfaces from the extremely popular design website, DeviantArt. These designs are seriously inspirational. They all have a special something added to them that makes them clean and stand out. I also think some are for sale too.

My favorites include number 18, Pixel Purist by L-a-m-p-E and number 27, Panele Drewniane by finesy.

Let me know your favorite by dropping us a cheeky comment. Feel free to also share your DeviantArt designs with the WebDesignDev community.

30 Amazing PSD Web Designs

Without further ado, here is the list. Enjoy!

#1 Designers Couch

By ftstudio
Designers Couch DeviantArt

Designer’s Couch is a website layout created by FTStudio and posted on DeviantArt. This deisgn is for inspiration only, no downloadable files provided. It has an old-style, glossy design with nice light effects. The color palette is mostly composed of blue shades. 

#2 Tru U University

By AreoX
Tru U University DeviantArt

This website design was created by AreoX and posted on his DeviantArt profile. This website was created for one of his clients. He also created the logo. The website is made as a presentation website for a university. It has a simple design with a neutral color palette. 

#3 NetRunner

By DouglasEltz
NetRunner DeviantArt

This website design was created by DouglasElz. It was created for a company named NetRunner. It is a simple grey website with a basic layout and a slider on the homepage. The accent color is blue and it is used in both logo and main slider. 

#4 Colorful Blog

By deadlinesdesign
Colorful Blog DeviantArt

This website design was created by DeadlinesDesign. It is a colorful blog layout design. It has a nice vector background and a simple, user-friendly structure. The designer had a lot of fun with Cinema4D , the software used for creating the header. Everything else was done in Fireworks CS4.

#5 Great Pakistan

By naseemhaider
Great Pakistan DeviantArt

For this creative project, Naseem Haider created the website design, user interface and branding identity. The website has a dark, under-water theme. It has a simple layout with rounded corner elements. 

#6 iClooly

By alighandour
iClooly DeviantArt

This is a design for a site that distributes cool stands for Apple products. There’s a version without the Christmas decorations too, but the designer prefers this version better. The Christmas version has multiple, heavily modified stocks from istock photo.

#7 Mockup USA Liquids

By cerebrocreativo
Mockup USA Liquids DeviantArt

This website design was created for an event planning company. It has a vibrant color palette with dark blue shades and electric violets and purples. The light effects in the background look very nice too. The structure is simple and user-friendly. 

#8 Zulawski Bank Spoldzielczy

By pcholewa
Zulawski Bank Spoldzielczy DeviantArt

This is a project the designer made for a cooperative bank in Zulawy. The client wanted something old style, with vintage/retro elements. The designer succeeded in creating a beautiful design which combines both modern and vintage design elements. The scroll header looks great. Also the paper textures are a nice touch. 

#9 Matias Blog

By Pilej
Matias Blog DeviantArt

This is a blog designer the designer created a while ago. The file is no longer available on DeviantArt, but you can see from the image, the beautiful elements he created for this design. It’s a great source of inspiration for blog designs. 

#10 New Company Portfolio

By aadi-f
New Company Portfolio DeviantArt

The designer posted this website design on DeviantArt, in order to receive comments and tips for improving his design. He used neon colors for this business website. It’s a bit unusual, but it looks nice. 

#11 MM Web Layout

By detrans
MM Web Layout DeviantArt

This is a simple web design, created for a games review website. The homepage layer looks interesting. Also, the dark red background has some very nice light and shadow effects added to it. 

#12 Rainbow Blog Design

By PanthereNoire92
Rainbow Blog Design DeviantArt

This blog design was created by DevianArt user PanthereNoire92. It is a basic blog design with a nice background. The gradients used in the backgorund look very nice and seem to be autumn inspired. 

#13 Best Destinations

By arEa50oNe
Best Destinations DeviantArt

This website design has an amazing header. For the header, the designer used both Illustrator and Photoshop. He combined several photos in order to create the final result. The menu looks good too. It has custom made icons for each menu link. 

#14 Creative Talk

By kodcor3y
Creative Talk DeviantArt

For this web design blog, the designer created a simple and modern layout, very user-friendly and with nice, clean elements. The slider is pretty basic. The posts are featured nicely and the subscribe box is correctly placed on the top right side of the website. 

#15 Design Spartan

By DesignSpartan
Design Spartan DeviantArt

This website design was created by DeviantArt’s user DesignSpartan. It has a very vibrant blue colored design. The background was custom-made and has some very beautiful vector light effects. The slider has a more crafty design. It also combines ribbon elements with more modern designs. It looks nice. 

#16 My Portfolio

By SencerBugrahan
My Portfolio DeviantArt

This beautiful creative portfolio website was created by SencerBugrahan. It was created with the help of Adobe Photoshop CS3 and it took 5 hours to finish. It has some very nice textures and personalized elements. The ripped paper menu looks nice. Also, the colorful wood background is a nice touch. 

#17 Tienda Peluches

By sogaso
Tienda Peluches DeviantArt

This dark orange website design has some very nice cut-out photographs on the main page. The stuffed animals look great. This is an online shop website design, created for a children’s toys company. 

#18 Pixel Purist

By L-a-m-p-E
Pixel Purist DeviantArt

This is a personal project created by L-a-m-p-e user from DeviantArt. The slogan is only a placeholder. The website has a horizontal structure. The menu is vertical. The design is simple and minimalist. 

#19 Fuksik Motoring Ads

By coy2k
Fuksik Motoring Ads DeviantArt

This website design was created for a car selling company. It is a presentation website. This website is not yet online. Promo ads at the top are created using Flash. 

#20 Atomia

By shizm
 Atomia DeviantArt

The designers considers this to be one of his best website designs. The color palette has vibrant pink, neon green and dark brown colors. The pink color is used only as an accent color. Atomia website design has a nice, large slider with bold typography. The logo also looks good.

#21 The Trance Blog

By tRiBaLmArKiNgS
 The Trance Blog DeviantArt

This blog design was created for a trance music website. The menu has nice icons. Also, the RSS icon is cutom made and looks great. This was the first time the designer created a blog. 

#22 Some Web

By Fedrick
Some Web DeviantArt

This is an amazing blog design with some very beautiful 3D elements. This complex blog design was created as design practice by the talented designer. Check it out! The footer looks great too!

#23 Visual Studios

By ECP-Pro
Visual Studios DeviantArt

This dark brown colored website design was created by ECP-Pro user from DevianArt. The whole website has an earthy, brown color palette. The menu has nice transparent effects. The header was created by Cesar “Herman” Carvalho. 

#24 Imagine Air

By Mindfuckx
Imagine Air DeviantArt

Imagine Air is a virtual airline that provides the service to travel anywhere.. while staying home. This is a project the designer created for school. What makes this website design so special is the interesting header. It looks wonderful and has so many elements. The photos were nicely combined together.

#25 Clan Design

 Clan Design DeviantArt

This was a website design template, pSHR user created and sold. This dark themed website design was created for an online gaming community. It has a simple and user friendly layout. 

#26 Atak Interactive

By FIAMdesign
Atak Interactive DeviantArt

This dark themed, modern design was built for an competition @ 99designs.com. The design is very clean and has some beautiful light effects. 

#27 Panele Drewniane

By finesy
Panele Drewniane DeviantArt

This website has a complex design. It was created for a furniture company. The brown background goes great with fresh green and vibrant orange. It has an autumn inspired design. The leaves in the corner emphasize the fall concept. 

#28 Another Portfolio

By shuffl3
Another Portfolio DeviantArt

This is a super clean portfolio design, with orange accents. The header is dark brown. The Shuffle logo also looks very nice. It’s modern and futuristic. 

#29 Glassy Template

By nodethirtythree
Glassy Template DeviantArt

This website design is glassy and somewhat … girly? The commercial template was created for 4Templates, so the full view is about 70% of the actual design size.

#30 Gor Ingenering

 Gor Ingenering DeviantArt

This is an engenieering company presentation website. It has a simple and clean design with a light grey gradient background. The image chosen for the homepage looks great. Green is a great accent color.

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33 thoughts on “30 Amazing Web Design Interfaces From DeviantArt”

  1. Great collection, thanks! I just did a post on my own blog about how DeviantArt is a great place for new web designers start. It’s great to see that there are indeed many talented and experienced designers as well!

  2. I like design 4, the simple layout with the complex 3d background work very well together. This is a Useful post, as it shows a common trend in web interfaces for 2010. Most designs here have a simple clean-cut logo at the top, and an attention grabbing main image in the centre of the page. Another trend I’ve found for this year is more detailed footers as well.
    These are design styles, which I aim to use in my future web work.

  3. Wow – these are simply AMAZING for photoshop web design. Very unique and a wonderful collection. Thank you for sharing your web design and photoshop designs!
    — Integraphix

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