30 Extremely Colourful Website Designs


I have compiled a remarkable list showcasing the best extremely colourful website designs. These websites use colour very well to make their site stand out, and most of all make it look beautiful. The shades, gradients and colour palettes used in these sites is what makes them remarkable. Remember to click on each image to view the website itself. Some of them are interactive too! Plus, if you have found a website that should be on the list, or on the next list then please feel free to drop in a comment.

Calypso Park

Calypso Park Colourful Website Design

This website design combines awesome vectors with super colorful elements. It’s a great approach for a park presentation website. 


Pixele Colourful Website Design

Pixele’s colorful website has a super fresh and fun header with some cool vector graphics. 


Peminoz Colourful Website Design

It’s all abut colors with this awesome website design. The overall layout is simple, but it has some cool colorful graphics to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Colour Pixel

Colour Pixel Colourful Website Design

As its name says, this website design is full of colorful pixels. It also has some awesome graphics. The black boxes are a nice detail. 


Mbdizajn Colourful Website Design

This is a complex vector illustration with some fun and colorful elements. It looks nice.

Life Lab

Life Lab Colourful Website Design

LifeLab is a professional website with a design that stands out from other corporate websites designs. This one has given up those business boring colors and tried something new. The colorful boxes are very nice and make it look friendlier. 


Arkix Colourful Website Design

Want to catch your readers’ attention? Try using a colorful, modern background for your website. 

Yeahstyledg / Freelancer

Yeahstyledg / Freelancer Colourful Website Design

This portfolio website design combines nice vector illustration with cool textures and colorful elements. It looks nice! 

Cotton Seed Oil Tour

Cotton Seed Oil Tour Colourful Website Design

I like websites designs with beautiful textures. This one uses textures and nice colors too. 


Raduceuca Colourful Website Design

Radu’s website has some really cool, large, bold and colorful typography with very interesting, eye-catching effects.

Navigant Consulting

Navigant Consulting Colourful Website Design

Navigant Consulting uses sepia filtered colors and nice vector illustration. It has a pretty basic layout. 


Daguia Colourful Website Design

This nice website design combines large, beautiful photography with colorful elements. The subtle texture on the background is a really nice detail. 

Casio Exlim

Casio Exlim Colourful Website Design

Casio’s super colorful website has a more hand-crafted, hand-made look. It also has some grungy elements with splashes and watercolor brushed elements. 

Albert Lo Design

Albert Lo Design Colourful Website Design

This creative web design studio’s online portfolio website uses violet as an accent color. The subtle colored line right below the header menu, is also a nice detail. 


Havaianas Colourful Website Design

High quality textures and bright colors can never go wrong together. This website has a really cool, colorful design. 


Razorbraille Colourful Website Design

Colorful vectors and cool design, this is one website design to remember. 

Actionhead Studios

Actionhead Studios Colourful Website Design

This is a web design studio’s presentation website. It is pretty simple and has some interesting effects. 

Design Slurp

Design Slurp Colourful Website Design

Colorful vectors will make your websie stand out and will catch your visitors’ attention. If placed on a dark, black background, it will look even better! 

Gisele Jaquenod

Gisele Jaquenod Colourful Website Design

This cool personal blog design is childish and friendly. It has some cute vector illustrations in the back. It is surely a website to remember. 


Icff Colourful Website Designs

This film festival presentation website looks great! It is fun, colorful and creative. It also looks custom-made and personalized. 

I Love Colors

I Love Colors Colourful Website Designs

As its name says, this website is all about colors. It has some nice vector illustrations in the back and some grungy textures. 

Marcos Xotoko

Marcos Xotoko Colourful Website Designs

Marcos is a graphic designer with a very colorful website. All of his works are pretty colorful. 

Beautiful 2

23Beautiful 2 Colourful Website Designs

This website uses glowing colorful elements on dark, black background. It looks grungy and nice. 


Bart Colourful Website Designs

Bart’s website design seems to have lots of colorful baloons in the back. They create a friendly and fun atmosphere. 


Foehn Colourful Website Design

This website has a modern design with an interesting text slider. The colors are not so bright but still look great on the black background. 

Make Photoshop Faster

Make Photoshop Faster Colourful Website Designs

Large typography and colorful elements will surely be a great attention grabber combo!

Will Portifolio

Will Portifolio Colourful Website Designs

Will’d portfolio is not only eye-catchy because of the cool colors he used in his design, but it also has a personal touch, a vectorized image of himself.

Team Tsok

Team Tsok Colourful Website Design

This website design uses mostly orange shades. Dark themed websites look great with orange. 

Feed Stitch

Feed Stitch Colourful Website Designs

Feed Stitch has a cool, colorful website design that manages to be clean in the same time. It also has some nice, subtle textures added to the pastel blue background. 

Visit Cascadia

Visit Cascadia Colourful Website Designs

Vila Cascadia has a nice vector illustration as a header. It’s colorful, fun and friendly.

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36 thoughts on “30 Extremely Colourful Website Designs”

  1. Superb! Really lovely pieces of pure (web) art in here!
    Really like Beautiful 2, Arkix’s header, Marcos Xotoko and Foehn is absolutely delicious.

  2. That’s really an excellent collection of websites! At first I liked Mbdizajn the most, but as I went further down it was really hard for me to judge which one is the best. Keep up the good work….Wish to see more from you, Andy.

  3. I like the list very much, wxcept maybe 2 pages wich are not quite as ”great and detailed” like others! Picture here is one thing, but the whole experience is lacking soo much in some sites! IMHO 🙂

  4. All designs are really nice header and content which is showing in first time on screen only nice some designers worked only on header and on content area only….. not on footer… need to work till and of the design same as they started from top; 🙂

  5. These are all cool. I like the floating feeling of the nav on the Foehn site. It’s a really cool colorful background!

  6. Love the vibrant colours and design of all the different website designs, loads of hard workmanship have gone into these for sure.

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