30 Free Fonts You MUST Have


Today we didn’t really concentrate on creating a set following specific font styles. This time, we put together a mix of free fonts which are really worth using and shouldn’t be missing in your personal font library. We are sure you’ll find you own favorite between these 30 below.

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Harabara Bold TrueType font is free to download for both personal and commercial use.


Aldo Open font was created by Jonathan Hill. This OpenType font has a fancy, retro design.


PicoBlackAl Font is a bold, rounded corner decorative font. This font is free to download and add in your fonts library.


Bandy Regular TrueType font is a mdoern font with a mold design and unique, fancy details.


Camellia ExtraBold TrueType font has a retro inspired design and bold details.


Cupola TrueType is a unique font design with some interesting details. Can be used for free as a decorative font.


JUICE Italic Italic was created by Dhany Arliyanti. This  TrueType font is all-caps with thin letters. Can be used in headings.


Diebel TrueType font is a modern font design with semi-rounded letters.


Kaliber Solid (BRK) TrueType font is free to download for both personal and commercial use.


Designed by Monotype’s Toshi Omagari, the 26-font Metro Nova typeface family is a next-generation version of William Addison Dwiggins’ Metro design.


lignor TrueType is a free to download font with a modern design. It has some interesting square letters.


Raceway Medium TrueType font is a retro inspired font with a dynamic design. It looks great on poster designs.


Republika Italic  TrueType font is a futuristic font with square letters and unusual details.


RiotSquad TrueType font is a retro inspired font with vintage design details.


Aerovias Brasil NF was designed by Nick Curtis. This TrueType font is an all-caps font with angled letters and a futuristic design.


Hygiene TrueType is a retro font with a rounded letters design.


Decker TrueType is a sans serif font with thin leters and rounded details. It has a clean and simple design.


Fertigo-Regular was designed by Jos Buivenga. This is an OpenType font with curly details.


Androgyne Medium was created by Dimitri Castrique. This OpenType font has a nice design and it’s very readable.


Junction font was created by Caroline Hadilaksono. This TrueType font is sans serif and has a slim, thin design.


Tin Doghouse Italic was created by Darren Rigby. This is a TrueType, sans serif font with retro details.


GalgaBold was created by Dan Zadorozny. This TrueType font has some nice futuristic details. It’s an all-caps sans serif font.


LT Oksana Medium was created by Lauren Thompson. This TrueType font has a feminine design.


The Geometry Pro family has been designed to be the final word in purely geometric fonts, and this rounded “Soft” sub-family is the ultimate web 2.0 style font collection. Even though it is strictly geometric, it is not modular: letters have differing widths, and the sidebearings, spacing and kerning has been finely adjusted to create smooth text.


MonaKo TrueType font is a free to download, sans serif font. This thin font can be successfully used in headings and print designs.


Herald Square font is yet another font from the fevered imagination of lettering artist Samuel Welo, in a caps and small caps font with a tasty architectural treatment.


PT Banana Split TrueType font is a comic styled font with nice, cartoonish swirls and bold letters.


Zebrra font was created by Graham Meade. This TrueType font is an outline type of font with a very clean design.


Gainsborough TrueType font is a free to downlaod font with partial accents included.


Krupper Truetype Font was created in PostScript by Cowan Design Associates.

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  1. Sorry for my bad english, thank you for this list but the fourth picture is similar to the first one but the font linked is not the same ; the first is Harabara bold and the fourth is Bandy regular.

  2. Thanks for the list of fonts. Congratulations! great selection!. I would like to know how to do the background of the images liked to the fonts.


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