30 Great Examples of Using Vectors in Web Design


Using vector elements within your website design can show it off a little bit more, and make it that tad more eye-catching. In this collection I have included many different websites with abstract vector backgrounds, funky illustrations and site mascots. The trend using vectors in web design is becoming more and more popular on the web. For this showcase I have picked a selection of the best websites who adopt this style. Thank you to Nick La (icondock) for the title image.

Veboo Labs

Veboo Labs Vectors Web Design

Veboo is an experienced team of web designers and developers focused on providing highest quality.Their webite is fun and shows their awesome, illustration skills.

Get Me Fast

Get Me Fast Vectors Web Design

Get me fast is an affordable web design company offering 100% custom web design service and quick turnaround. Thei have some really cool vector graphics in their website design. 

Green Globe Ideas

Green Globe Ideas Vectors Web Design

Their site is driven by users who want to go green. They have a nice vector banner with cool design. 

Open Source Vector Art

Open Source Vector Art Vectors Web Design

On this website you can find free vector art graphics and illustrations for download. Use their vector art stock images for free under the creative commons license.

Blue Acorn

Blue Acorn Vectors Web Design

BlueAcorn has a really cool website with nice vector illustrations. 


Oypro Vectors Web Design

Oypro has an excellent vector illustration with a very creative concept. The color palette is also very well chosen. 

Icon Dock

Icon Dock Vectors Web Design

IconDock offers royalty-free vector stock icons for your web and print projects. Thei have a very cool website design using vector illustrations. 


Octwelve Vectors Web Design

Octwelve is a modern web design blog designed and written by Luc Melgar. The topics are about web design trends, web design tutorials and more!

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot Vectors Web Design

This website offers web design resources for web designers. They include Photoshop Tutorials, WordPress Plugins, and Web Development tools. 

Colchester School

Colchester School Vectors Web Design

This cartoonish vector illustration is just perfect to use as a banner for a school/kindergarten. 


Stoodeo Vectors Web Design

Stoodeo’s awesome vector banner looks great and the overall website design is clean and modern. 

M Plus Z

M Plus Z Vectors Web Design

This website belongs to a web design studio. They have a very personal design with themselves made as vector illustrations. 

Project Vino

Project Vino Vectors Web Design

This is a cool website design with some very interesting, high quality vector illustrations, used in both slider and header. 

Straw Poll

Straw Poll Vectors Web Design

StrawPoll has a unique website design with vector graphics. 

Go Media Zine

Go Media Zine Vectors Web Design

GoMediaZine is a portfolio website/web design blog with cool vector illustrations used as background. 


Atrium Vectors Web Design

Atrium has a super simple layout with complex vector graphics in the background. 

Gisele Jaquenod

Gisele Jaquenod Vectors Web Design

Gisele’s website is fun, personal and friendly. The cartoonish website make is look wonderful.

Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall Vectors Web Design

Web Designer Wall is a blog designed and maintained by Nick La. Topics focus on web design, tutorials, and modern design trends.

Absolute Bica

Absolute Bica Vectors Web Design

These simple, beautiful vectors were created for the Absolute Bica website. 

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters Vectors Web Design

Love cartoonish vectors! This is one great example of how to use cartoonish vectors in web design. 


Lionite Vectors Web Design

Lionite is a bussiness and marketing strategy company with a cool, friendly, vector design. 

Orman Clark

Orman Clark Vectors Web Design

There’s a trend among web designers to create their website using vectors. Here is one great example of a portfolio website designed using vector elements. 


eAnka Vectors Web Design

eAnka is a web developer and web designer with a cool, persona, friendly website design. 

Old Loft

Old Loft Vectors Web Design

Old Loft has some really funny animal vector mascots in its homepage design. 

The Alamo Basement

The Alamo Basement Vectors Web Design

Talking about animal vector mascots in design, this website uses monster vectors as mascots! They look great and are really creative. 

My Snow Buddy

My Snow Buddy Vectors Web Design

My Snow Buddy website is fun and friendly. The vectors are a nice touch. 

Fat Burgr

Fat Burgr Vectors Web Design

This website has a great concept and a cool, funny human vector mascot. 


Dezignus Vectors Web Design

Dezignus is a  friendly community of people interested in design. It provides sharing of design freebies: vector (icons, silhouettes, floral ornaments…) and more.

Clark Studios

Clark Studios Vectors in Web Design

Clark Studios is a Web design & development, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile web, Mobile Apps studio in Hampshire, Fleet, UK.

The Great Bearded Reef

The Great Bearded Reef Vectors in Web Design

This lovely vector website has some really beautiful vector graphics created by a very talanted illustrator.

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  1. Lovely vectors. Don’t start.
    Some are abit girly though. Nothing wrong with that, still great work. Just gurly. 😉
    “The Great Bearded Reef” reminds me of the Johnny Castaway screensaver. 🙂


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