30 Inspiring 3D Flash Websites


Around 5 months ago, we wrote a post called 50 amazing flash website designs. Today I have compiled a showcase of thirty inspirational 3D flash websites. These websites are all the business, so I recommend checking each and every one out.

If you know of any other 3D flash websites that you think deserve to be featured on the list, feel free to drop a shout-out in a comment. Anyway, enjoy the compilation and don’t click on too many. My browser crashed!

The Showcase


WhiteVoid Flash Websites

Studio WHITEvoid operates at the interface of art, design and technology. WHITEvoid is comprised of specialists in interaction design, media design, product design and more.

Prism Girl

Prism Girl Flash Websites

This is a super creative Flash website with a very cool background animation. 

The Profiler

The Profiler Flash Websites

The Profiler has a cool 3D animation. You can use it to browse through the cyber world by just pressing the arrow keys. 

Nitro Group

Nitro Group Flash Websites

Nitro Group website has a cool typography animation in 3D. 

SimCity DS

SimCity DS Flash Websites

SimCity DS (SCDS) is a city building and management computer game and the first Nintendo DS installment in the SimCity series.

Motorola Motorazr

Motorola Motorazr Flash Websites

Motorola Razr (styled RAZR, pronounced “razer”) is a series of mobile phones by Motorola, part of the 4LTR line. They created a very cool website to showcase their product.

Erguvan Platin

Erguvan Platin Flash Websites

This is a residence housing project website. It has an awesome 3D animation on the first page using a cool architectural rendering

Bandit 3

Bandit 3 Flash Websites

This website uses a cool Flash animation with a road signs concept. 

Play Smart

Play Smart Flash Websites

This website was especially created for the miniSmart car for its 10th anniversary. It looks great!

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Flash Websites

Coca Cola created a great Flash website for featureing the Coke Live Music Festival. The illustrations look great!

Me In Tru 3d

Me In Tru 3d Flash Websites

This 3D Flash website design uses some cool vector illustrations with futuristic concepts. The colors are modern and create a sci-fi atmosphere. 

Audi RS6

Audi RS6 Flash Websites

Audi created a Flash presentation website for the Audi RS6 car. The presentation looks great and it is in 3D. You can see lots of images in the 3D gallery. 

Markez Models

Markez Models Flash Websites

Markez Models created a cool 3D Flash website with nice animations, showing a 3D top view of a train station.


Redkeds Flash Websites

RedKeds has an amazing 3D car animation created with Flash. The animation is very realistic. 

Stokes Croft 3d

Stokes Croft 3d Flash Websites

This website uses  Flash for its 3D street view app. Looks interesting!

A Glass And A Half Full Productions

 Glass And A Half Full Productions Flash Websites

This website has a very simple layout with a large slider on the homepage. The slider features a nice 3D Flash animation. 

K2 Inavi

K2 Inavi Flash Websites

This is the presentation website for an amazing 3D GPS navigation that has been launched by Thinkware.


Ecodazoo Flash Websites

The Eco Zoo. If you take a close look at the animals there… you might be able to get some tips to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

Karim Zariffa

Karim Zariffa Flash Websites

This is the portfolio of Karim Zariffa, a motion and graphic designer. He uses Flash animation for his website. 

New Work City

New Work City Flash Websites

This is an awesome Flash website with a very cool 3D animation of Earth. The menu is very interesting too. 

Media Boom

Media Boom Flash Websites

MediaBOOM is an award winning digital advertising agency, specializes in web design CT, web development, animation, and video production in Connecticut.

Planet In Need

Planet In Need Flash Websites

This is a great and very inspiring Flash animated website which showcases a 3D animation of planets. 

100 Best Films

100 Best Films Flash Websites

Find 100 films using this 3D cubes gallery created with Flash. 

North Kingdom

North Kingdom Flash Websites

This is an amazing illustration and animation, created using Flash. This is truly a great source of inspiration. 

13 Flo

13 Flo Flash Websites

This is a futuristic, modern website created using Flash animations. You can browse the images gallery by using the arrow keys. 


Creaktif 3D Flash Websites

Creaktif has an amazing Flash illustration on its homepage. The arrow motions look interesting. 


Pritt 3D Flash Websites

This is a colorful and fun Flash animation, created for Pritt website. It looks great and has a unique design style. 

DM09 Stockholm

DM09 Stockholm 3D Flash Websites

On this website, you can browse the team’s photos using a Flash gallery. 

In An Absolut World

In An Absolut World 3D Flash Websites

This is another 3D cube-styled Flash animated gallery. Browse the images using your keyboard arrow keys. 

Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio 3D Flash Websites

Sony Vayo created a nice architecture-render styled Flash animation, for showcasing the product.

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  1. Awesome post. Great to see flash design. Often forgotten because of SEO – I still think that there is no other technology that visually represents great design!

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