30 Top Web Design Blogs To Read Daily


The web is full of web design blogs, many of which are very similar, and many have their differences. But a handful of them only post a few times a month, maybe because of their occupation or they just don’t have enough time to update their blog. I have compiled a list of the 30 top web design blogs, that have a continuous stream of content. P.s – (They are in no particular order).

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an extremely popular web design and inspiration blog. They have a nice selection of categories, and their posts are very in depth, and provide web designers with knowledge and much inspiration.

Smashing Magazine 30 Top Web Design Blogs To Read Daily

Fuel Your Creativity

Although Fuel Your Creativity don’t update their blog on a daily basis, they have an awesome array of posts that are very inspirational to web designers.

Fuel Your Creativity

Garcya Web Design Blog

Garcya is full the the brim of icon packs and goodies for web designers. They update their blog more than frequently and have masses of free downloads. Its like a huge web design goody bag.

Garcya Web Design Blog

Just Creative Design

This is the online presence of Jacob Cass. Its a portfolio and also a design blog. On the blog there is many useful articles they web designers could benefit from.

Just Creative Design 30 Top Web Design Blogs To Read Daily


It has an odd name, but is a brilliant blog for designers. You could spend hours on this site! They have a nice design and the colour work very well with each other, oh and their posts are incredible.


We Function

Function is not just a design blog, its a portfolio of the freelance design firm called Function. They just publish a very popular web design blog. Their posts are very nice to read, and they feature alot of design reviews.

We Function 30 Top Web Design Blogs To Read Daily

Six Revisions

This web design and development journal is sweet. They use a nice simple design, and feature some hot posts. The images they use in their posts aswell are beautiful. This blog is worth checking out!

Six Revisions 30 Top Web Design Blogs To Read Daily

456 Berea Street

A nice blog that has strong content and a simple design. They have lots of useful tips and tricks for web design and developers.



Snook post about tips, tricks and bookmarks on web development. They have some useful posts on their site, and also post about useful information in the web development community.



I absolutely love this site. They have a brilliant selection of content. This includes freebies, industry news, themes and brilliant web finds.


UX Booth

The UX Booth is a nicely designed blog that writes about user experience. People can submit their site to be reviewed on a quarterly basis. They provide some neat posts that are not only inspirational to web designers, but extremely interesting to read.

uxbooth 30 Top Web Design Blogs To Read Daily

David Airey

David Airey is a freelance web designer who lives in Northern Ireland. David has a really swish looking blog, and provides content on a personal level, meaning freelancers who are reading his blog know that the content is written by him (another freelance designer), so this makes it original.

davidairey 30 Top Web Design Blogs To Read Daily

Colour Lovers

This is always a great site to go to if you are stuck with what colours match well together, but believe it or not, colour lovers also have a design blog, in which they blog about news, trends and interviews.


Dev Lounge

Dev Lounge has a very simple yet safisticated design. They post new content on a regular basis, and its very original.



Aswell as being a small web design firm, simplebits had a notebook / blog which is their personal web design journal.



This awesome blog helps web designers and developers learn. On their blog they post tutorials / tips and tricks to do with business, design, development, social media, and many other areas.


CSS Beauty

Although this is more of a web design gallery, they still provide much inspiration for web designers. They have built up a nice collection of beautiful websites from round the internet.


Web Designer Wall

This website owned by Nick La is beauty within itself. All of nick la’s websites are inspirational, and web designer wall is no different. It features design trends, ideas and tutorials.


Think Vitamin

This is a blog from the Carsonified Group. It has a nice rich design, and blogs about everything web design / development. Its a must see!


Sitepoint Design Blog

The sitepoint design blog features many inspirational posts, despite its plain user interface. It is written by many contributors, so have a cheeky look.

sitepoint 30 Top Web Design Blogs To Read Daily

Design Meltdown

Design Meltdown is a web design journal that blogs about design elements, trends and problems within web design.



Smileycat is a web design blog that has rich content, and is updated frequently. It features a simple design, but has some very powerful content.


Bartel Me Design

Bartel Me Design is a small design agency based in Graz, Austria. The blog has a very clean and sleek design to it and some intresting content.


Wakeup Later

This is a nicly designed web design blog that features most of its posts around website building, freelancing and online income.



This very popular blog has an awesome design. StyleGrind blog about web tachnology and design news.



WebMonkey is part of the wired network of sites. It is an online resource for web developers. Their daily blog provides news for web developers.


Spoon Graphics

The Spoon Graphics blog provides tutorials, atricles / news and downloads for web designers and developers. It has a nice collection of resources.



ShareBrain is an online magazine for web designers knowledge, resources and inspiration. They have a quality each to use design.


Adaptive Path

The Adaptive Path blog is a personal blog, written by the Adaptive Path Team. They blog about design and development.


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  1. Great post Andy, definitly a great bunch of blogs to check out. I love how user friendly Uxbooth.com is.


    1. Cheers man, we will feature your simply awesome blog alot! Ive been a reader of your back from when you had 400 rss readers.

    1. Of course this is just a post titled the top 30 ones to read daily, so you can pick what ones you like best.

      Up to you.

  2. Thanks for the information but its difficult to read the 30 blogs daily.. But of course i had a brief overview of the blogs all are great!! IF one has a time go through them

  3. I’m pretty impressed with Smashing Manazine. This blog is always interesting to me and it is upadated on regular basis.

  4. Found half of them from my twitter account. Now I need to frre up some time to read the other half from here. Jeez!

    Nice post.

  5. great collection i was thinking of such wonderful blogs at one place and this is the place to check for. thanks keep up the good work.

  6. That’s definitely a great list, and all of those sites are essential to web designers, and graphic designers too even.

  7. This is an awesome compilation! You will know if a Website or blog is effective in communicating to its targeted audience when you meet the needs of your visitors. They will get your message why your site or blog exists and its reason for existence. Some of their reasons for visiting your site are for information, entertainment, and education.

  8. Wow great list – and I really appreciate the mention! I’m with Liam on this one, it really does mean a lot and I think the design community really truly supports each other which is a great feeling.

  9. Very interesting design..I’ll be using one of the designs to be my template next time..thanks for sharing….

  10. You did not include UI patterns which according to me is one of the best blogs out there. Real workable advice there.

  11. I always visit SmashingMagazine.Com, an all-around blog with a MASSIVE updates on designs. It is a must-visit site for web designers.

  12. great list))) blogs are really cool and creative))
    I hope one day one blog also will be in this list. How do you think guys i have a chance or i is only a dream?

  13. I want to thank you for sharing the article to us and we will be used in everyday life to thank you very much

  14. is is another great ‘mutual benefit’ I learned from Denise’s blog. While sharing her clients’ success stories, not only they were in the spotlight but Denise’s efforts were credited too. I’m sure Denise didn’t ask them to do so, but out of their appreciation to Denise’s work, they are more than willing to mention her. It may be something you’d like to try out, see it more as a relationship building with your clients. Set a special segment for their Success Stories – apart from a little exposure and inspire your readers, your quality work may be highlighted too. Best of both worlds, I’ll say.

  15. I love the Bartel Me Design. It’s my favorite among the rest. Can I ask you what your inspirations are and if you ever get frustrated and out of ideas? What do you do in times like that? How do you handle pressure and stress?

  16. Great post! I always follow smashing magazine. They have some of the best articles and are very easy to follow, this gives me a great many more blogs to follow, thanks!

  17. Its a Great Resource for web design..Thanks for sharing..You will also need graphic design service as there are certain elements of your websites that need highlights through graphics (e.g. banner, header, etc.). Your website’s graphic is crucial particularly when funneling visitors’ information through opt-ins. It helps in converting visitors to customers.

  18. really awesome, i just read your blog about 30 top web designing list…such a great list…it helps me in my work and i read blog eveyday………thanks for sharing the great list …..

  19. Great collection.I use to submit forums on Sitepoint Design website but i didn’t mentioned that they are having blogs also. Thanks for your information..

  20. Nice! Great tips here. Thanks for the share. I’ll be sharing this to my team of new web designers.

  21. Great collection of website designs! I am looking for inspiration, because I’m ready to get started on perfecting my blog. I am NOT a web designer by trade…but I’m trying to learn a little here and there on my own. It’s proving to be quite a task, but it’s a valuable one. Thanks for the examples 😀

  22. web monkeys is great have used it in the past. thanks for sharing all this im going to check out some of those other sites too.

  23. Great lists! The web site design blogs are actually legit and they are actually to web designers right now..

  24. The lists are great. These blogs are of good page rank. The lists will help. Thanks for sharing this lists.

  25. This is a really good list of blogs you got here, Smashing Magazine always offers good content for web developers and designers to read.

  26. Its a good collection, but I am inspired most from Smashing Magazine and 1stwebdesigner blog. Both of them are fantastic.

  27. I really learn a lot from Smashing Magazine and Webdesign.org both are fantastic for web designing & development.

    Thanks for best collection,

  28. These sites are great, I wish I had designed some of them (particularly Noupe!), thanks for sharing these.

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