30 Top Web Designers On Twitter


If you want to connect with some great web designers / freelancers on twitter, then look no further. Below I have rounded up 30 top web designers on twitter. Some of their tweets are humorous, inspirational, and can be very useful such as some tips and tricks they tweet about. There is some great design tweeting coming from all of their profiles, so be sure to follow your favorites.

Remember to check out our Twitter Profile! Plus if you think I have missed any from the list, then please feel free to drop us a comment, but otherwise, enjoy! (Post Image From WebDesignerDepot’s Twitter Profile)

Collis Ta’eed

A Tweet From Collis
Made a few improvements to AppStorm’s look’n’feel – better dropdowns, counting followers, logo and a few other things http://bit.ly/k8NUw

Collis Ta'eed Top Web Designers On Twitter


A Tweet From SitePoint
Sketchy Design Style Still Going Strong: 10 Examples http://tr.im/rD0m

SitePoint Top Web Designers On Twitter


A Tweet From 99Designs
The latest $750 prize for web page design goes to… jdez! Congrats!

99Designs Top Web Designers On Twitter

Jeffrey Zeldman

A Tweet From Jeffrey Zeldman
Pain is my alarm clock: http://www.zeldman.com/x/37

Jeffrey Zeldman

Nick Finck

A Tweet From Nick Finck
Tip: Businesses are struggling. One of the best investments you can make w/ high return is in your online user experience & content.

Nick Finck

Jacob Gube

A Tweet From Jacob Gube
30+ Easy To Follow Photoshop Layout Design Tutorials – http://digg.com/d1wZ39 (Including 2 from Six Revisions, w00t!)

Jacob Gube Top Web Designers On Twitter

Smashing Magazine

A Tweet From Smashing Magazine
Creating Thumbnails Using the CSS Clip Property – http://tr.im/sl8L

Smashing Magazine Top Web Designers On Twitter

Andy Sowards

A Tweet From Andy Sowards
30 Fantastic Typographic Posters For Your Inspiration: http://digg.com/d1weu6?t

Andy Sowards

Walter Apai

A Tweet From Walter Apai
Amazing underwater photo:
Walter Apai Top Web Designers On Twitter


A Tweet From Snook
The Apple Store is coming to Ottawa. Opens July 18th. Can’t tell if it’s on Rideau or just in the mall?

Snook Top Web Designers On Twitter

Grace Smith

A Tweet From Grace Smith
Mood Boards are an essential step in design: http://bit.ly/1a9Cnq

Grace Smith

Mike Rundle

A Tweet From Mike Rundle
Finally have a new idea for a post at Flyosity… took me long enough. Now I guess I should start writing it.

Mike Rundle

Dan Cederholm

A Tweet From Dan Cederholm
Had a moment earlier where I cursed that the web was a mess held together by duct tape. Better now (although still maintain that to be true)

Dan Cederholm Top Web Designers On Twitter

Jon Phillips

A Tweet From Jon Phillips
Back to work, gotta finish a design mock-up! (and a huge thanks for the RTs on the SpyreStudios post) Later tweeple

Jon Phillips

Fabio Sasso

A Tweet From Fabio Sasso
65 Really Cool Swirls Inspiration http://bit.ly/K2YFh – check them out

Fabio Sasso Top Web Designers On Twitter

Dan Rubin

A Tweet From Dan Rubin
still no news from IPS about my passport, so I’m guessing they had to dig deep into the paper vaults to find my old records.

Dan Rubin

Shaun Inman

A Tweet From Shaun Inman
prefers Can You Discover to Can You Tell. I just can’t take the latter seriously while the overly sentimental strings suggest I should.

Shaun Inman

Mark Boulton

A Tweet From Mark Boulton
Cutting short my holiday at home to go to the studio tomorrow. Totally crappy. Three projects are finishing at the same time. Oh, what fun!

Mark Boulton


WPCandy Top Web Designers On Twitter

Cory Miller

A Tweet From Cory Miller
My cool buddy hunter http://twitpic.com/a0kfq

Cory Miller

Sean Hodge

A Tweet From Sean Hodge
25 amazing lifehacks for designers http://bit.ly/2AKPjO

Sean Hodge

Dustin Brewer

A Tweet From Dustin Brewer
Les Otton running for Governor of Maine rips off Obama branding http://lesotten.com

Dustin Brewer

Antonio Lupetti

A Tweet From Antonio Lupetti
10 Interesting lightweight jQuery plugins for web developers http://tinyurl.com/nsf5fj

Antonio Lupetti

David Airey

A Tweet From David Airey
Red Bull + natural ingredients = http://tr.im/sgc5

David Airey Top Web Designers On Twitter

Ben Bleikamp

A Tweet From Ben Bleikamp
Has anyone else seen this show on ESPN called Sportsnation? It sucks. It’s worse than Cold PIzza, and that show really sucks.

Ben Bleikamp

Jeremy Keith

A Tweet From Jeremy Keith
Adding Time Crimes (Los CronocrΓ­menes) to my list of favourite internally-consistent time travel movies (along with Primer and 12 Monkeys).

Jeremy Keith

Jason Walz

A Tweet From Jason Walz
Review: iPhone first-aid apps. http://twurl.nl/rqb863

Jason Walz Top Web Designers On Twitter

Design Shard

A Tweet From Design Shard
Top 15 Logo Design Inspiration Galleries http://bit.ly/963y8 by @pelfusion

Design Shard

Brian Gardner

A Tweet From Brian Gardner
To work, or not to work today – that is the question.

Brian Gardner

Jeff Croft

A Tweet From Jeff Croft
It’s corny, but less so than most of the genre. And the beat is fresh. “Coder Girl”: http://bit.ly/EG4zn

Jeff Croft Top Web Designers On Twitter

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80 thoughts on “30 Top Web Designers On Twitter”

  1. Thanks for the include Andy. Love the site. Keep on keeping on!

    Also some good follows. @Minervity, @mayhemstudios, @blellow, @TheWebBlend

  2. WOW I am truly honored to be mentioned with such great people. They are my friends and my heroes, Great people to follow.

    Keep up the great work my friend!

  3. Some of these people are great… However, A lot of them aren’t designers and I’m rather puzzled why a few have been featured here.

  4. I find it hard to trust the source when they list “Top” Web Designers” with their Twitter profile linking to a Blogspot?

  5. Good list of folks. I bet this does wonders for their follow numbers. I know I added a couple. Keep up the great posts.

  6. You’ve got some great designers on this list – but I was shocked to see 99 Designs included – just my opinion but who want’s to follow a business that devalues the entire creative industry? -1 for listing them πŸ™

  7. I have no doubt that these are great web designers, but to throw together a list like this and use the phrase “top web designers,” I feel needs a bit more clarification. Are they top web designers based on financial success? Top web designers that have the most twitter followers? Top web designers as rated on WHAT? I think by establishing some criteria for your stance would make this article a more valuable read for visitors.

  8. WOW – I am utterly speechless. You have the umitigated GALL to add 99Designs to this list??? Not only are they NOT designers, they are ruining the entire creative industry with their highly unethical contests that are actually also ILLEGAL lotteries! The ONLY reason they have not yet been shut down is because they are based out of Australia, not the US. Mark my words though, their time is limited. Just like Dr. Kevorkian, Napster, or The Pirate Bay, you can only get away with breaking the law for so long. The authorities WILL catch up with them eventually. Shame on you for even mentioning them here!! =[

    Artists! If you are not already, make sure to follow: @specworking | @nospec | @specwatch – and educate yourself as to why entering illegal “art contests” like this NEVER do you any good!

    That said, thx for the rest of the list. Found a few I was not yet following.

    I am a Multi-Media Artist & Animator w/over 17 years of experience. http://www.twitter.com/PeterMcCleanMMA

  9. Great list – and maybe some of them will be interested – (if they don’t already know) – in a competition for the “Best WordPress Design 2009” being run by Keller at http://www.fresheventure.com/best-wordpress-design-2009-contest-page/

    I’m actually entering my own website in the newbie section – so this competition is a brilliant extra incentive for me to learn as much as possible about WP – as quickly as possible.

    Best wishes from Hamburg


    Best wishes from Hamburg


  10. Thanks for the list. It was hard enough trying to keep up when there were just (paper) magazines – now with twitter, its easier in one way, but trying to keep the info avalanche in control is another story πŸ™‚

  11. And once again another stupid list! There are a couple of OK designers on this list. Mostly they are bloggers and I am disgusted that you feature 99 Designs who are Evil and Exploitive.

    I have to ask myself where your motivation for this post lies and what criteria you used to decide on the “top” designers. Affiliate Links, Google page rankings, selling ad space? You should be ashamed.

  12. Hi! Nice choice! I’ll check them out to know them better and… who knows? Follow everyone.
    Next time I would like to be choosen too.

    Good work! Keep on!
    Deize ( @dsgnnews)

  13. It seems there aren’t many women into ‘computer stuff’. I am not saying the list is sexist (most women certainly do not like ‘computer stuff’) but I would say it is certainly biased and a little short-sighted.

    99Designs alone is not a web designer. However there are web designers who sell their logos and ideas extremely cheap and most of the time for nothing to get their name out there. It’s frustrating, sad and it’s how I really made up the majority of my initial portfolio. 99Designs exploits up and coming designers work and make a huge profit from it.

    Smashingmag (the entity) is a magazine for graphic arts but not a graphic designer.

    And as much as I love David Airey, he is not a web designer. As far as I know, (don’t quote me on this – I may be wrong) he does not code. He is an amazing graphic designer but he only makes logos from what I’ve seen and read.

    There are other artists on the list I certainly agree with but others not so much. I think the reasons of why they’re on the list should be posted.

    1. Yeah I agree about the lack of female talent…why isn’t Veerle Pieters on that list? She’s an amazing designer…although her tweets are a bit boring. She doesn’t follow back and mainly tweets about herself, which defeats the purpose of social media…I noticed many of the designers on the list are like that.

  14. I personally would recommend Chris Harrison: @cdharrison One of the most creative guys I know! and I’ll shamelessly plug myself as well @oddzuki

  15. How is Smashing Magazine a top web designer? It’s a magazine. Unless your talking about the collective group that writes for Smashing, then ok.

  16. I like the design of Walter Apai. Actually I didn’t know that there are good designs of freelance people in the twitter.

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