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Getting a professional logo design used to be very expensive for small businesses. 48hourslogo offers a different approach to getting the custom designed logo your brand or business deserves. At 48hourslogo, you can create a contest where multiple designers compete to make your logo shine.

48 Hours Logo Review

Holding a logo design contest on 48hourslogo is a simple and powerful way to get the logo that you want. The competitive nature of a contest brings out the very best in participating designers. For as low as $99, you can often get more than 10 different designers working to create the professional logo you’ve always wanted. During your contest you can rank each design and give feedback along the way, to help direct designers towards your perfect logo.

Creating a logo contest at 48hourslogo is very simple. First, you fill out the logo design questionnaire form letting designers know what style of logo you are looking for, any ideas and concepts to be incorporated and even your preferred colors. Here you can set the prize amount for your contest starting at $99. You can also choose to pay only $29 upfront to run a 48-hour contest and pay the rest later. Your contest will then go live, and you will be able to rank designs and give feedback. After the design contest is over, you have up to seven days to pick the winning logo and request revisions. The logo files are then made available for you to use. That’s it!

48 Hours Logo Testimonials

48hourslogo offers some cool features to help you get the most out of your logo design contest. Participation pay is an option where you can purchase $5 tips for the designers who did not win but you think deserve a show of appreciation for their efforts. Because everyone loves to be appreciated for their hard work, offering the chance of participation pay is a great way to get your contest noticed. Another fun option is the ability to create a poll to help decide which logo design is the best. You may have just too many great designs to choose from and need a little help. With one click, you can launch a poll, add designs and then post it on social networking to get votes and feedback. You can also run a contest for Web design – including web page design, mobile app and banner ad creation, or a contest for print design when you need packaging, T-shirts or brochures.

Watching talented designers at 48hourslogo compete to deliver the very best logo for your brand or business is a fun and exciting way to get the quality design you want. With as little as $29 to start, in 48 hours you can have a fabulous design ready to go.

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