5 Affiliate Tracking Programs To Boost Your Sales


An affiliate tracking program is readily available to help retail stores increase their online sales. As an owner of a retail store, while a profitable venture, online competition can be quite challenging. It can be rather difficult to generate a significant amount of revenue. It can be especially challenging for the small business owner. There are, however, software programs for affiliate tracking that are suitable for most businesses:


HitPath is considered one of the most reliable and accurate tracking applications. Tracking accuracy is crucial to the success of your affiliate marketing network. Several key characteristics sets the HitPath tracking application apart from the rest. The HitPath’s platform consists of third party pixel that offers easy use, custom reporting, creative asset management consoles and defined control over the administrative roles.

The Impact Radius 

Unique and performance-driven, Impact Radius was founded by experts that created an advertising platform that focuses on your business goals and offers unique services and tools to accomplish those goals in a shorter period of time. As the first of its kind, Impact Radius is fully integrated and serves all medias including, social, traditional, online and mobile.


LinkTrust offers a pixel tracking system that accurately paves the way for the success of any advertising campaign. Their reliable system has the capacity to monitor your conversations and traffic accurately. LinkTrust has developed a reputation for the most outstanding customer support system in the industry. Over 150 ad networks and merchants are benefiting from the power of LinkTrust affiliate tracking programs.

The Spector Pro Keylogger 

Spector Pro offers a host of features and services that make affiliate tracking simple and worry-free. The beginner can implement this software with the greatest level of discretion available. Every keystroke is captured as well as all chats, passwords, emails and instant messages. The date and time of everything entered is seen by only you! This consists of any and all websites visited and the activity while visiting.


Finally, NetSuite is considered the only on-demand affiliate tracking system that provides a 360 degree customer view. Better service is provided and more deals have been closed by centralizing all customer data. NetSuite enables you to view any issues with service, overdue invoices and pending orders. This easy accessibility to your customer information allows for the cross selling and up-selling of your existing customer base.

An accurate affiliate tracker program makes all the difference in the successful management of your online retail sales. When researching the program that best suites your business, keep in mind that there are many accessible systems. Use your discretion and better judgement in your decision-making process. You will soon see your profits increase over time.

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  1. Thanks for including LinkTrust! We’ve had a several online retail stores find success using our affiliate tracking software. We are even developing features particularly for online retailers. I don’t want to over load your comment box with links, but if you want more info — let me know!

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