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Facebook is always changing their site, and making it better. Not many people like change, but to be honest, change can be for the best. Designer Barton Smith from We Are Tol has “re-designed” the popular social networking website Facebook into something beautiful.

I have posted the video and a collection of photos below of the re-design. But if you wish to see all the photos, please feel free to visit the Behance Network Page. Drop us a comment to say weather you prefer Facebook the way it is, or weather they should implement this design.

The Video

A Few Photos

Here is a collection of photos of the Facebook face-lift. It looks so beautiful and implements some great web technologies. If you watched the video above, you would have seen the sweet transition effects.
















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A Similar Social Tool

Some aspects of this great Facebook facelift design were inspired by the social networking tool called Skimmer. You may want to check Skimmer out. Its available for Free download for both PC and Mac and runs off Adobe Air.


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50 thoughts on “A Beautiful Facebook Concept Design”

    1. Exactly! The design is beautiful but somehow thats not facebook. Would love to see a new service with this interface.

  1. The design is fine, but baring in mind the biggest demographic on facebook is 40 yrs +, personally i can’t see my mum being able to use any of those screens.

    But hey, the design is alright.

    1. I like the proposed, clean design….and I’m an over 40 mum. Don’t worry about the facebook demographic.

      1. With all do respect, you cannot speak for all 40+ mums. You wouldn’t believe how many technophobes are still out there. Facebook has to be able to serve to everyone, and so far is doing a great job. This concept would cause confusion

        The concept looks nice and all, but I’m a web designer and even I am a tad bit confused by it at a glance. I think it’s because there is no problem that the concept is solving. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken, in my opinion.

        Sacrificing outstanding usability for something a bit prettier = a not too uncommon mistake in the world of web design. I used to do it all the time.

        Facebook feels like a piece of software as it should do, and although it doesn’t look exciting, it puts such a huge emphasis on the content and communication tools, which is what we’re all on it for. 😉

  2. There are elements here that look better, but I’m not convinced this is the way to go. Maybe if there was a gradient of blue rather than grey at the top it would work better, but as it is, everything seems a bit lost against the white canvas – too much grey and white.

    I’m not convinced 100% page width is the way to go either with the type of content Facebook have on their site. Much better suited to a fixed width.

    Good attempt, but I’d rather stick to the dated looking facebook than go to this.

    1. ditto…I hate change, but I’m getting better…whenever a program gets upgraded or something new comes out, I’m the last one to try it and for the most part I kick my ass because it was either a really good app or design (same goes for TV spinoffs…take Star Trek for example, it took me 3 yrs before I would watch “The Next Generation”….lol)

  3. I think too many people are stuck with the old Facebook “design” which is just a pain! The UI is a disaster! Dealing with so much data should not make “designers” choose to do it the easy way but instead try ways like you show it here. I think it’s a masterpiese of UI design, especially of the layout and the effects! Great work!

  4. Yeah, I mostly agree with others. The design is great, but it’s not Facebook. I’m all for change and personally I’d like it if facebook looked like that but most people would go mad. You can’t even move a button on facebook without a group being started to complain about it! It also doesn’t seem like a facebook theme. Maybe it’s not blue enough. But really great design. Good work!

  5. I like it, I agree with the others to certain extent, i think human mind are able to observe and learn more, so lets do it 🙂 40+ are not that old 🙂

  6. I think the reason why so many people on FB seem to not really like the changes is because they’re always really small changes. I feel like if you’re going to change something, might as well change the whole thing and improve the WHOLE thing. I actually love this new facelift idea for Facebook and hope to see this facelift occur in the near future for Facebook. It is definitely a new modern look to it and I feel like people around my age will get use to it and once getting to know it end up enjoying it. It doesn’t take long for young adults to figure out all the gadgets on FB that there is to offer and such. But I love it!

  7. The change will happen soon, as to what facebook is trying to do is to create a platform that looks more like desktop application then a website, also the article below could probably give you an idea on why they are going to change the design, ohhh by the way i totaly love the design its amazingly nice and it looks much easier to use than the current one. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    We can confirm that this is no hoax, it is indeed a group that was created by facebook insiders to findout the reaction of there millions of users to see if users are willing to pay for such a service.

    While Facebook has systematically shut down groups spreading this false information one at a time, with near to little fans I’d expect the company to create a filter to prevent these groups from being created in the first place, i just wonder why they are not closing this group down with nearly half a million fans, and thousands of hoax posts on thousands of forums and websites out there, because they are the one who own (created) the group.

    I beg all not to fall for this, they are just testing you to see if they can squezee any money from the you the user. I can also confirm that out of thousands of comments in forums there were few people saying that they were prepared to pay around $2-3 for the service.

    Facebook didn’t become the most popular site in the U.S. on Christmas by charging for their service, and they aren’t going to become the largest site in the world by charging for their service, well i can tell you that i am also a social application developer and i know how things are in this game, you first create such platform get many users as you can hooked to it and within few years of constant usage that has all your data friends, contacts, albums and so on, you are hooked to it! Now this is the tricky bit, where users will find it hard to part with their artificial world, its a bit like owning your own website hosted on free hosting for life service providers, where you have invested hundreds of hours developing it with hundreds of post and a year later you are asked to pay for your hosting or else, what do you do? You rather find your self another free hosting company or pay for the hosting charges you have been asked to pay.

    This is not an ongoing rumour with Facebook, its a group that is created by Facebook insiders, trying to find out if people are willing to pay for such a personal data orientated service. They are stating that their service is ad supported, i would ask that you do bit of research to find out that facebook is not making any money at all they are in fact making huge losses, Facebook has been looking for new ways of making money for a very long time.

    To all the users who think Facebook will not be charging for their service, your wrong they will initially start charging for there services, just like any ISP’s out there. It never happened before and they want to be the first to do so, and while Facebook could generate billions by charging for their site, it’s not going to take long for this to happen.

    They know these sites are like drugs; addictive. A crack dealer (Facebook) will give you enough to get hooked free of charge. Once you can’t function without it, you gotta pay.

    A local Fox News broadcast in USA, actually said that Facebook had plans to start charging their users in their news broadcast on the 23rd January 2010.

    Well just remember PayPal. When it first hit the net their slogan was “Free and ALWAYS will be”. And we all know what happened there!!!!

  8. I don’t use Facebook much but this new concept design is definitely better than their current design in my opinion.

    Thanks for mentioning about that similar website too, I didn’t know about Skimmer before 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Awesome aesthetics… poor planning.

    A lot of Facebook members do NOT want change, and really cant handle the change. The ‘target audience’ isn’t very “techy” if you know what I mean.

    A lot of them dont care about aesthetics as much…they just want to get to their friends page fast! And that comes from habitually clicking the familiar buttons.

    A redesign would be a bad idea…no matter how beautiful it looks 😛

  10. Facebook should be ever-striving to make its site EASIER to read, not harder! Low contrast, small text… for many people, this new format will make using Facebook feel like work instead of pleasure.

  11. It’s a very nice design for Facebook. All of user will feel fresh with the design and make the user feel comfort when they use Facebook.

  12. Being a designer, I don’t like it.
    It just looks hip aesthetically, but in no way improves the real functionality of the site (there are in fact some core usability failures on these few screen shots already). Why make it more confusing to use?

  13. I don’t think the “So Simple” style design is ok.. This is just like Tagged & many others social network i ever seen, but of course the script is awesome, i loved it when it slide to the left like that.. And also the ajax thing, whow.. it is clean and simple.. But many of them still aren’t sure about it..

    ~ People only liked it when they’ve seen it, but when they click on it they will hate it ~

    Especially for the olders.. 🙂 – Social Network is for all ages, not only for the teens.. 🙂

  14. I wish Facebook would give you some options with the design. Have a design competition with the winning 4-5 designs getting the designer’s link at the bottom and you’ll probably see some brilliant work come out of it. Then let the user pick between the available themes. I think it would be a little more to maintain, but it would be well worth it.

  15. If you have this idea, why dont you create your social network and see people rush…with a good format, it will sell.

  16. Some nice ideas but the colour scheme / layout isn’t there for me – logo doesnt look right and feels too silvery with all those light greys.

    960 with a rethink on colours / logo (perhaps go more towards facebooks traditional headers) and it could be a nice concept.

    Apart from that good job, might attempt my own at some point.

  17. It’s a minimalist design based on a mac, for a mac. Looks bad anywhere else than a mac browser.
    When You make a design, it has to work on every platform, that’s why I like the current Facebook design.

  18. I’ve been talking with others via social media lately about how interesting it is that Facebook has had so many different updates and changes over the years but their layout and color scheme has changed little (minus the newest profile change that you can opt in to as a developer- not many have taken this option) . I know this is part of branding but I, and many others I have spoken with, have grown tired of the country blue and gray color scheme. It is muted, outdated and boring.

    While the color scheme here is still muted, it does bring a new vibrance to Facebook by changing the layout and updating a bit. It is slightly reminiscent of Google’s changes across all its products. I think this would be a boon to Facebook, but I’m only a lowly user, not a marketing genius. I’m sure they have their reason for sticking with it as is.

  19. Extremely good concept! Needs a bit more polish, but very likeable. Can you make it into a greasemonkey script or an addon?

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