22 Examples of Awesome Workspace Design


Your workspace can be much more than a desk, a computer, and a chair that you’re glued to for hours on end. It can be a lovely, comfortable, and cozy environment, filled with objects that inspire you, especially if you’re working from home. We shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in order to get work done, and being surrounded by more than just walls is not a distraction, but a source of creativity.

We collected 22 images of beautifully designed workspaces to encourage you to try something new. Move things around, replace something old with something new, or revive an old object to add a vintage touch. Add some color and lighten up the mood. Keep it minimalistic yet still stylish. Whatever your approach may be, design your workspace so that it will make you feel good and will reflect your personality.

Designing your own workspace doesn’t have to require a big renovation; it can be achieved by a simple makeover, moving furniture around, adding (or removing) decorative items, and finding practical solutions for storing or displaying items. You can also turn everyday items into beautiful décor, like bottles into vases and baskets into drawers. Deciding on the color of the walls will also make a huge impact and will most definitely change the vibe of the room.

Here are the 22 ideas on how to design a more beautiful, practical, elegant, and, most importantly, comfortable workspace. We hope you’ll love these amazing home offices as much as we do. Let us know which one you like best!

Office by AMM blog

This office is simple, clean, and minimalistic. The black and white pictures add some depth, and the silver bubble lamp stands out beautifully in a sea of gray.



Another modern, geometric, cold design that’s softened by the organic shapes of the candle, paperweight, and catch-all tray. The photographs add some personality to the plain white walls.


White home office

White is underrated. It doesn’t have to be associated with plainness; it’s bright, refreshing, and clean. Moreover, it will create a wonderful contrast with the other objects in the room, focusing the attention on each individual one.


Modern Desk

This modern desk is neat and organized. Everything is bright white, except for the neon lamp, and the pastel objets de désir (the hourglass, flower vase, etc). The watercolor painting adds a splash of color to the white wall.


Scandi style

The Scandinavians are known for their minimalistic décor and great use of small spaces. White walls and white furniture are a staple. The candles and flowers add a cozy touch. The furry chair looks warm and inviting.



This is a more industrial approach. The white walls clash with the black desk. A metal lamp, drawers, and a few items – the bare minimum – are the the only things on the desk. The clippings attached to the wall are, like everything else, very well structured. Everything’s in harmony.



An otherwise ordinary office, with one distinguishable characteristic – a big, orange chair that brightens up the entire room and blends well with the burnt orange and reds in the rug, and with the red typewriter.


Office space in a tiny New York City apartment

A glass desk with a few organic items neatly spread out give this office a free spirited look and feel. A colorful ottoman and a shaggy rug add a happy, hippie touch.


Adorable glass desk

Glass desks have an ethereal, magical quality. They make everything that’s on them seem like it’s floating in midair. The see through plastic chair matches the desk so the attention is drawn to the other items, and not to the furniture.


Such a cozy little chair!

Furry chairs are amazing. That’s all there is to it. They are warm, soft, comfortable, and inviting. You just have to love them!


Work would be much more fun at a desk like this

A completely white room, with a white desk and a white lamp… But wait, there’s an entire colorful and vibrant collage in the background that’s happy and playful! work-would-be-much-more-fun-at-a-desk-like-this

Vintage Cabin

The wooden desks add a cozy, vintage touch to this little room, as do the lamps and the big clock on the wall.



A mood board is ideal for those of us with a hyperactive imagination, who can’t keep one idea in their minds for too long because it’s almost immediately replaced by a new thought. Pinning drawings and lists to a board is not just a useful way to keep track of things, but also a beautiful work of art.



This cute little office in unpretentious and friendly. It doesn’t take much to make a workspace feel like home. Turn a bottle into a vase, a jar into a pencil holder, use baskets in place of drawers, and you’re done.


What Goes Over The Desk

We’ve seen paintings and clip boards hanging over desks, but this screen it completely unique. Much like a pin board, it lets you attach things to it, only without pins but clips, and not just papers, but a variety of objects. This can save a lot of space…


Nice and clean

A very simple, cubist office, with a couple of wooden sculptures that break down the geometric pattern. A plant and some books and a pop of color.


Collector’s desk

This workspace features a variety of artwork that the owner has created or collected. It’s a great place to generate ideas and build new things.



The thing that stands out the most in this studio is definitely the lovely floral wallpaper that sets the color scheme and theme of the entire room: light green and bright pink colors and lots of floral arrangements.


Inspiration board and unique desk and accessories

Another inspiration board where you can attach a variety of miscellaneous objects.


Large Scale Banana Leaf Prints

These large scale banana leaf prints, hanging side by side, give the impression that there’s two windows behind the desk, revealing a tropical paradise and adding depth and a soothing natural feel to the room. The bamboo chair looks like it belongs  right “outside” with the banana leaves.


Black & White Home Office

This black and white home office would be otherwise cold if it weren’t for the fabulous furry chair. The odds and ends and the posters on the wall add a soft touch to the cold walls and desk.


Poppytalk: 9 Inspiring Work Spaces

This workspace brings the old and the new together, and the result is a timeless, vintage look.


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