22 Beautiful Invoice Designs for Creatives


If you were asked to picture an invoice, how would it look? The first image that pops into your head is probably a plain and boring, white sheet of paper with some numbers on it. Sadly, this is what most invoices look like, but they shouldn’t have to!

An invoice doesn’t have to be ordinary. On the contrary, an invoice can have a beautiful design. It can be brought to life by simply adding color, illustrations,  borders, patterns, or changing its standard outline altogether. This article will show you how experimenting with colors, using flat graphics, using monochrome, using hand-drawn illustrations, paying close attention to details, using new fonts and clean, minimalist designs will make invoices infinitely more beautiful and interesting than a plain white sheet of paper with black writing on it.

Among many sources, we used Dribbble, Behance and Creative Market to feature some of the best invoice designs we could find. The aforementioned websites are fantastic sources for finding any web/design related project or source of inspiration, and if they aren’t already, they should become your go-to place for finding a great variety of beautiful designs.

We gathered 22 beautiful invoice designs for you to browse through, to inspire you to create something out of the ordinary the next time that you’re planning to make an invoice. Think about what you’d like your end result to be. What feelings do you want to transmit to the one who receives your invoice? You can communicate so much through the use of various design elements and techniques, and you can use something as simple a an invoice to show gratitude for a customer’s business or simply send good vibes to someone. Browse through and let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section below!

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Use clean colors and flat graphics


Use Bold Colors and Fonts




Use awesome colors


Make it monochrome but sharp


Use textures and graphics


Retro is the way to go


Simple and friendly


Add just a little bit of color


Make it stand out with your illustrations


Attention to details


Make it pop!


Use large fonts


Make it look natural


Use a strong color


Add your watermarks


Just a hint of red


Clean and minimalist






Center it


Choose lovely fonts


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