20 Best Aperture Presets for Photographers


Aperture presets are photography Apple aperture presets that will add awesome effects to photos.

If you like high contrast photos, black and white effects, HDR, vintage, and more, these Aperture presets will help you add those effects with just a couple of clicks.

You can instantly apply Aperture presets effects to a single photo or entire projects. Here is a wide range of Aperture presets you can try on your photos! Check them out!

HDR Vintage

Here are 15 different presets for clear and dark photos. Use these to give a dramatic old school touch to your favorite captures with an HDR finish. A comprehensive help file is included.

hdr-vintage-aperture-presets Best Aperture Presets

Blue Amaro

The designer was playing around with getting the Instagram filter “amaro” and he came up with this.


50 Pro HDR Bundle

Check out this huge bundle of photo presets to easily enhance your photos! These are perfect for photographers, graphic designers and even for beginners.


Kodak Tri-X 400TX

This is a preset that emulates the look of the classic Kodak Tri-X 400TX film.


15 Aperture Drama

This is a collection of Aperture Presets for photographers and graphic designers and to make your workflow faster with a single click!


Apple Aperture

These effects are created in APERTURE 3 and work with JPGs and are compatible with Apple’s Aperture 3 and above. These are 100% adjustable presets for professional results with one click!


Old Polaroid

This is a preset that emulates the look of old Polaroid images. It dulls down the saturation and highlights.


11 Clean & Sharp Aperture

This is a set with 11 Aperture Presets that also comes with a detailed documentation PDF.


Cinematic Aperture Presets

Turn your photographs into cinematic images with these easy 1 click aperture presets. Get 6 unique Aperture Presets and a detailed documentation.


Low Contrast B&W

This preset is a black and white effect, where the details in the dark areas are removed to make them appear even darker.


29 Premium Vintage Presets

Turn your photographs into vintage masterpieces with these easy  aperture presets. Get 29 unique Aperture Presets.


Premium Aperture

Boost your photographs with these easy aperture presets with 5 unique Aperture Presets.


Thomas Leuthard Mono

This is a preset for black and white photos. It is a straight 33%, 33%, 33% split in the RGB to Black & White adjustment.


Amazing HDR

The presets Included in this bundle are Vintage HDR, Cold HDR, Sepia HDR, and Warm HDR. Compatible File Types: any image type from cameras (.RAW/.JPG/.PNG/Etc.)


High-End Fashion

This is a collection of 8 professional Apple Aperture presets that transform your photos into elegant fashion images. Great for fashion, fantasy, fairy tale and all types of photography!


Photo Ages Aperture

Here is a preset package perfect for Instagram and for simulating: color aging, old camera, conservation of the photo and other similar effects.


Nostalgia Aperture

This is a collection of six professional Aperture Presets that will give your photos a retro, nostalgic color and style.


Happy Memories

Create timeless, happy memories with your photos with these beautiful and subtle Aperture presets. These are perfect for family photographs, wedding photographs and all kinds of special occasions


HDR High Dynamic

This is a set of 5 professional Aperture presets that can make your images POP! Create stunning HDR results quickly and efficiently with this set of presets for Apple Aperture.


70’s Photos Aperture

Here is a package of presets that transforms your new photos into oldies. It is similar to Instagram filters.


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