Best of The Web – May 2009


Its been a long and hard working month, but in May there has been some really great productive content posted online. I have put all the ramblings from May 09 into a big tin, shaken it up a bit and picked out the best of the web stuff to put together into a compilation. I have separated the compilation into tutorials, free downloads, inspiration and interviews. Of course I couldn’t fit everything into this post, but if you have any submissions for June then drop us a comment.

Best of The Web – Tutorials

Throughout May, there have been some outstanding tutorials. Heres some of the best…


Create An Abstract Vector Design Using Illustrator

This brilliant tutorial will teach you how to create an abstract vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator. The colours used are beautiful. This tutorial is perfect for beginner illustrators. It will guide you through each step and you’ll wasily understand how to create awesome vector illustrations!


9 Tips For Web Design Brand Building

Branding is a complex process, performed across all types of media, from prints, TV commercials and magazine ads to interior store decoration,  logotype design and of course web design. Here are some awesome tips for building your web design brand.


Using Blends To Create Depth

This great tutorial will teach you how to use blends to create depth in your illustration. This tutorial is perfect for illustrators os graphic designer who want to increase and further develop their skills.


Design a Realistic Website Layout

Learn how to create an amazing realistic website in this tutorial by Grafpedia! This tutorial will show you how powerful are stock images and textures.

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Best of The Web – Free Downloads

Everyone loves freebies. Here are a few icons, wallpapers and other freebies!


Osmala Wallpaper

This funny wallpaper is a parody of Swine Flu. It was created by Waldemar Anton Osmala Júnior a Brazilian digital artist. You can download it for your desktop or iPhone.


32 Free Vector Icons

This is a nice free vector icon set. All the vectors are in EPS format, each file has its own preview. There are a total of 32 EPS vectors in the archive: icons, people, flags, swirls and many more.


75 Graffiti Fonts

A web designer needs great looking fonts all the time. Here are 75 amazing graffiti fonts that you can grab for free!


Retro Toys Icon Set

“Toys” is a retro icon set that was designed by Helen Gkizi. The set contains 9 “toys” icons in PNG format that may come in handy in a variety of design projects.


Beautiful Fractals Brushes

These free Photoshop Brushes can be used for personal use. They look brilliant and can be used in various types of photo manipulation projects.

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Best of The Web – Inspiration

Web Designers can never be short of inspiration. Here are some great resources for design inspiration.


Weekly Vector Inspiration

This post is the 18th part of a weekly series with inspirational vector art. It has loads of vector inspiration for web designers. Some of these illustrations are outstanding!



This is a brilliant vector that has been put together and drawn with much precision by a verytalented illustrator designer.



This Malibu illustration is very inspirational for designers. It represents the design of an alcoholic beverage bottle. You can see the whole project on the designer’s Behance page.


King Village Monster

A random but clever vector illustration. This one shows how talented the illustrator is!


I Only Surf On Comets

Love this comet surfing vector illustration. This beautiful vector illustration was created as a print for t-shirts. It was printed with: over-sized printing, 1-color screen print, super-soft water-based ink and all-over belt printing.


Paisley Guitar

A very colourful vector illustration. In this illustration there are so many different objects and patterns. It was done with Adobe Illustrator.

Best of The Web – Interviews

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These great interviews are very interesting to read, and very inspirational.


Hongkiat Liam

Over at incomediary, mike interviews Hongkiat liam the maker, creator and owner of


Nate Whitehill – Creating The Perfect Blog Design

This is a brilliant interview. Michael Dunlop from incomediary interviews Nate Whitehill on the perfect blog design.


Nick La Blogging About Web Design

If you are a web design, you must have heard of, and some of nicks other websites such as and

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