20 Best UX Patterns Tutorials


Are you a UX designer looking forward to creating professional-looking designs or just wanting to learn more about user experience? This amazing collection of the best UX patterns tutorials is exactly what you need. Here you will find a great variety of UX tutorials that will teach you how to successfully create UX patterns. Moreover, the information is well-structured and easy to follow, in a step-by-step manner.

These UX patterns tutorials are created for beginners, to initiate them into UX design. Also, you will find some UX tutorials which are meant to improve your UX knowledge even further and help you become an experienced UX designer. Whichever category you fit into, these tutorials will definitely help you improve your overall design performance.

Let’s start learning!

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Product Builder

In this great UX tutorial, the designer shows you how to create a fully customizable and responsive product builder that you can then insert into your online store.


Quick Add To Cart

This technique demonstrates how to create a quick add to cart function by using a very useful code snippet. This is a nice feature that will definitely appeal more to your customers.


Product Preview Slider

This is a nice and easy method that allows you to check out many variations of the same product directly in the product gallery. This lets you instantly see more info about the product, without having to navigate to a different page.


Expandable Image Gallery

Here you have all the information that you need to create an expandable image gallery any time that you seem fit. This makes the image expand on click, and it converts into a gallery.


Add To Cart Interaction

This tutorial shows you how to create an interactive add to chart icon. This shows up each time a user chooses to purchase an item.


Animated Sign Up Flow

Learn how to design an animated signup flow that enables when the user chooses a plan. This item has a fully responsive layout that will adapt to any screen size.


Secondary Sliding Navigation

Why should you require a second navigation? There are many circumstances when the situation calls for this type of element. At that point, this information on how to build it from scratch may come in handy.


Responsive Newsletter Form

Create this beautiful newsletter form by using CSS3 animations. This item has a fully responsive design that will automatically adapt to any screen size.


Smart Fixed Navigation

Learn how to create this fixed navigation to make your website more accessible. Follow the instructions, check out the code snippet and use it in your projects.


Side Shopping Cart

You can quickly create a beautifully animated side shopping cart. This enables your users to check their cart at all times, without having to refresh the page.


What is UX?

This is a neat presentation that shows you a lot of useful information about UX. This is great for beginners as it focuses on the basics.


Making UX Matter To Your Company

Take a look at this wonderful presentation and use it to learn more about what it takes to make UX an important part of your company.


How To Teach UX Design?

This is a lovely Slideshare that gives you some important pointers on various methods of teaching UX design. If this is what you are looking for, this information is perfect for you.


Typography and User Experience – WCSF

This presentation contains useful information that will explain the complex connections between typography and the user experience.


Content-First UX Design: What Video Games Teach Us About UX?

Beautiful UX designs can be inspired by video games. This Slideshare contains useful information about various connections and similarities between video games and UX design.


UX & Design Myths

This is a compilation of myths that every UX designer may have heard about. Most of them are oriented to the creative process and effectiveness.


Designing for Mobile

Learn how to successfully create a mobile user experience that really impresses the user.


Bringing the User into the Design Process

Users can be actively involved in the design process, but what is the most effective way of co-working. User-centric techniques may be used to evaluate the design.


The Future of UX: Designing Data Experience

Check out this that brings to discussion important UX topics. With the existence of so many devices, the UX task begins at one device, it continues through various interfaces of multiple devices, and then … where is it all going?


UX Design + UI Design: Injecting a Brand Persona!

This information focuses on both UX and UI and tries to explain their similarities and difficulties. This is helpful to make sure that these two concepts will not get confused anymore.


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