How to Create a Feedback Form in WordPress Using CaptainForm


Today’s article will be a tutorial on how to create a feedback form in WordPress. This tutorial has a total of 6 steps and will take you just a few minutes. For this tutorial, we will be using CaptainForm, a free WordPress form builder that is very versatile, serving as a WordPress feedback plugin that allows to create feedback forms and many other types of forms. CaptainForm allows you to create contact forms (such as the one we are using on our own contact page), feedback forms, polls, payment forms, event registration form, survey, quiz and many other forms.

So how do you create a feedback form in WordPress? Please follow the 6 easy steps below:

Step 1. Install CaptainForm if you haven’t done so already.

Step 2. Click on New Form:


Step 3. Next, click on “Other Form” and from the drop-down list select “Online Feedback Form”.  You are then taken to the options page for your feedback form. For the purposes of this tutorial I am creating a feedback form to find out how satisfied our readers are with WebDesignDev’s articles. It should be noted that you have many customizations options for your feedback form, such as the number of questions you want to ask, whether or not you want a Captcha, required fields and numerous layout options such as the width, number of columns, encoding and much more.


Step 4. Customize your form as you see fit. In my form I have removed the name and email fields, and have kept the form anonymous. However, I did insert a Captcha form to make sure I don’t get any spam.

Step 5. After you’ve modified the form’s options and layout, go to Settings to see what other things you may need to set up.


Here I didn’t change too many options as I did not have the need to, but you can set up things like autoresponders, thank you page and redirects after form submission, theme change (even your own custom CSS), password protection for your form, set various anti-spam such as IP blockage, add custom Javascript to the form and much, much more. It should also be noted that you can connect a number of 3rd party apps to CaptainForm. For example, if I wanted to collect emails and send them to Aweber, I could set that up from the form’s Settings page.

Step 6. After you click on “Publish”, simply copy/paste the generated form short-code into your post.

And here is my final form (feel free to fill it out!):

[captainform i733572]

And this completes our tutorial on how to create a feedback form in WordPress. It took me just a couple of minutes from start to finish to create the form.

CaptainForm has several subscription plans, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. There is the free version, which can be used on 1 site and allows you to create up to 3 forms. There is also the Apprentice ($35/year) that allows to create unlimited forms with unlimited fields on 1 site, Master ($95/year) that allows unlimited forms with unlimited fields on 3 sites, and Hero ($195/Year) that allows unlimited forms and fields on unlimited sites. The paid plans also allow you to have various native add-ons and give you additional number of secured submissions as well as storage per month. You can read more about the payment plans in details here: CaptainForm Pricing Page.

If you are looking to create a WordPress feedback form, feel free to follow the steps outlined in this tutorial. Please also feel free to leave a comment below and fill out the feedback form I created as well.

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  1. Nice article, thanks. WordPress is truly an effortless web content management services that cater to wide range of enterprises with its highly capable built-in tools. User interface and admin panel can painlessly help a developer to manage every aspect of the website effortlessly. Though it is quite difficult to design a sophisticated and standard looking websites (Like sites designed in Sitefinity CMS or Drupla) with WP, there are many benefits that make WP a popular web development and management tool.
    WP Customer feedback is a native WP form development plugin that give users a quick and easy way to provide feedback, however the latest trend demands something more. CaptainForm is an advanced user-friendly and responsive form builder with 30+ field options. Another major benefit include the availability of payment options and thus this can be used as a multi-purpose form.

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