Creating an Image Blur in Adobe Flash


Animated Image Blur Effect With Adobe Flash

Before I begin – for those of you who want an easy way out of this tutorial, you can create a free  flash website with Wix that will look like a very professional website. Now for those who are still interested in going through with the tutorial, I will continue.

1. Open flash click “new flash document”

2. Open the page properties if its not already opened which it should be Window/Properties/Properties

3. Change the background color to black.

4. now you will choose and image you want to add the effect to. To do this you go to File/Import/Import to stage and then you browse for the image you want

5. now with your image on the stage selct it and convert it to a symbol. Press (F8) and name it image

6. On the timeline add a few frames as many as desired. i added 20. the way you do this is you go to the time line and on the frame you want to add you right click and then you click insert frames.

7. Now on frame 10 which is my middle frame press (F6) this will create a keyframe and do the same on the last frame.

8. Now click on the middle keyframe and then go back to your image select it and then go to filters.

9. then click on the plus sign and click on blur.

10. Change the blur X: to 15 and the blur Y: to 15 as well and put the quality high.

11. Now go back to the time line and selct the whole thing then right click and select create motion tween.

To see the final result, click here…

By the way, if you feel like this is too much work, or just want an easy way out, you can always create a free professional flash website with Wix.

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9 thoughts on “Creating an Image Blur in Adobe Flash”

  1. i would just like to know how can i make this animation effective only when the mouse is pointed to it???

    hope you can help me,,tnx

    1. ull have to make it a separate movieclip, make the actions in frame 1 stop(); and put the following code into it.

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