Daily Dose of Fun: 10 Funny Videos for Designers


Designing is fun, even when you are dealing with annoying, stubborn clients. After a hard day at work, come here and relax by watching these hilarious videos for designers. If you want more designer’s fun, check out these 20 Hilarious ‘Clients from Hell’ Quotes from Designers which will surely brighten up your day. Know more designer fun sources? Feel free to share them with us!

South Park – Mac vs. PC

The never-ending ‘war’between Mac users and PC users – this South Park parody video it’s super funny and it doesn’t matter on which side you are on..you’ll be laughing at the end!

Font Fight – CollegeHumor

It’s an all-out typeface-off in their sequel to Font Conference.

Graphic Designer Baby

What happens when your father is a graphic designer with way too much time on his hands and the ample use of Photoshop? Here is the result.

How NOT to use PowerPoint

Life After Death PowerPoint by performer Don McMillan.

Your Business Card is Crap

Funny but true! Check out Joel Bauer‘s training! His videos on his site are pretty insane. He knows his stuff!

 Original Design Gangsta

Gangsta rap-style video about graphic design.

PC vs Mac spoof

Spoof comedy clip for PC vs Mac with Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs.

Holiday Photoshop Advert

A very amusing photoshop ad clip.

The Graphic Avenger – Trust Your Graphic Designer

The Graphic Avenger explains why you should always trust your graphic designer.

Graphic Designer vs Client

Annoying voices, but still super funny!

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