Design Inspiration For Bonfire Night


Today, 5th November is bonfire night, or firework night as some people call it. So I have compiled a nice little inspirational showcase filled with logos, vector artwork and website designs. Which one is your favorite, and what one don’t you like?

If you want to add to this design inspiration for bonfire night showcase, or just want to tell us what you are up to for bonfire night / fireworks night, feel free to drop us a comment.

Charles Street Community

Charles Street Community design for bonfire night

This is a very cool vector logo with a beautiful bonfire illustration in the back. The background color is very well chosen and emphasizes the orange color of the fire. 

Fire On The Bay

Fire On The Bay design for bonfire night

This website uses vector fire graphics as the main elements of the header banner. The logo is also fire inspired and the whole website has red as its accent color. 

Fire Water Solutions

Fire Water Solutions design for bonfire night

This is a very clever logo. The concept is to combine both fire and water in a creative manner. The shape looks like a water drop with fire being the upper half and water the lower half. 

Alamo Fire

Alamo Fire design for bonfire night

Alamo Fire is a digital collectibles company. The logo looks like a house on fire. 


MPYRE design for bonfire night

MPYRE’s logo has an awesome concept. The M letter looks like a building on fire. The wooden background is a nice touch.

Shibas Guidance

Shibas Guidance design for bonfire night

This is a beautiful vector illustration made by a very talented designer. You can see how much work has been invested in creating this fire illustration, by just looking at it. 


Provoke design for bonfire night

Provoke is the name of this firey vector illustration. It has an amazing concept and the fire is beautifully stylized. This portrait on fire would look great as a painting to hang on your wall. 

Lion Deathseeker

Lion Deathseeker design for bonfire night

This is a great vector illustration with fire as the main element. It portrays a battle between samurais. The designer is surely a very talented one. 

Fuel Draft

Fuel Draft design inspiration for bonfire night

Fuel Draft logo has the fire element in it but in a more abstract, stylized way. It looks grungy and interesting. 


Firebrand design inspiration for bonfire night

Firebrand logo shows a beautiful fire manipulation graphic as its main element. The fire takes shape in an F letter form. 

Fuel The Fire

Fuel The Fire design inspiration for bonfire night

This would look great used as a desktop wallpaper by racing and cars fans. 


FirePlay design inspiration for bonfire night

This awesome fire effect can be achieved using Adobe Photoshop. You can learn how by browsing a little on the web. You’ll find plenty of fire manipulations Photoshop tutorials. 

Fire Starter

Fire Starter design inspiration for bonfire night

This is a very clever logo. The F letter looks like a matchstick on fire. Nice concept!

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