Eco Friendly Web Designs – 15 of the Freshest and Greenest


I love websites with fresh colors. Green can often represent eco friendly, so I have compiled a showcase of 15 fresh, green and eco style website designs. These designs are truly inspirational. Let me know what one you like the best.

If you know of any othereco friendly web designs online, then be sure to drop us a comment and let us know.

Viva Maria

Viva Maria Eco Friendly Web Designs

This is an awesome eco friendly web design with a fullscreen photography as a background and some interesting 3D elements. 

Lipton Green Mint

Lipton Green Mint Eco Friendly Web Designs

Lipton Ice Tea created a great green landing page for their new product Green Mint Tea. This is a competition page. 

Pink Cactus

Pink Cactus Eco Friendly Web Designs

Pink Cactus website combines green vector elements with brown ones and uses pink as an accent color. 

Lendl Allen V Trazo

Lendl Allen V Trazo Eco Friendly Web Designs

This beautiful, nature inspired website uses 3D elements, which create a vintage, retro atmosphere. Also the paper scroll and handwritten text are nice details. 

Rip IE6

Rip IE6 Eco Friendly Designs

This is an anti-IE campaign with a green design. the green grass element makes this website design stand out!

Green Globe Ideas

Green Globe Ideas Eco Friendly Designs

Green Globe has an eco friendlt web design with some really cool vector elements like: trees, hills and plants.


Ozon3 Eco Friendly Designs

Ozon3 website has am amazing 3D photo manipulation as a header banner. Looks great!

Juan Diego Velasco

Juan Diego Velasco Eco Friendly Designs

Juan’s portfolio website is surely a special one. The design is nature inspired and uses a 3D vector illustration as a fullscreen background. 

Studio 7 Designs

Studio 7 Designs Eco Friendly Designs

This design and development studio has a really nice background. It shows the earth in a nice atmosphere. 


Carbonica Eco Friendly Designs

Carbonica’s website has a very eco friendly atmosphere. It uses paper textures an lovely fonts. 


Oypro Eco Friendly Designs

Oypro has a very interesting EArth vector illustration with green and blue shades. 

Terrasse Concept

Terrasse Concept Eco Friendly Designs

This website has a very earthy, nature inspired design. It looks great!


Ecoki Eco Friendly Designs

Ecoki is a fresh, green website with nature inspired elements and cool graphics. 

Western Australian Museum

Western Australian Museum Eco Friendly Designs

This museum website has a green design with fresh, nature elements. It looks eco friendly!

Go Glamping

Go Glamping Eco Friendly Designs

Go Glamping website has a very interesting anc complex vector illustration used as a header banner. The whole website is green and friendly!

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14 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Web Designs – 15 of the Freshest and Greenest”

  1. Great Designs, but to make actually make a site eco friendly it takes a bit more than just using green color. Some point that matter

    – the eco footprint of the design studio
    – the eco footprint of the hosting company
    – size of the page (smaller = less energy)
    – suitability for handheld devices (that are more energy efficient)

    1. Agreed. However I wouldn’t take it to heart, I’m sure it’s just there for key-word juice.

      Technically speaking a super-eco friendly website would be black, with just enough contrast on the text to read (mid-grey) and contain as few server calls as possible. (to add to your list).

      Now this would actually be an interesting experiment. Make a site as eco-friendly as possible whilst maintaining aesthetics – open it up as a competition, get it sponsored by greenpeace.

      I’d do it myself, but am busy enough as it is. If anyone else steals my idea, at least give me credit and invite me to participate :p

  2. I get the green but what about a design is eco-friendly? The only thing I can think of is using more black because it doesn’t use as much power with LCDs. Or leaving out flash so the pc doesn’t need to power up 😛

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