20 Elegant Fashion OpenCart Ecommerce Website Templates

20 Elegant Fashion OpenCart Ecommerce Website Templates

Everybody wants to be beautiful. People are ready to spend money on fashionable clothes, cosmetics, accessories, etc. Why not make money catering to their needs?

Nowadays, most users prefer to shop on the Internet, so you need an eCommerce website to raise your business profile to the next level.

What about an OpenCart online store? OpenCart is an open source shopping cart solution with a feature rich design, easy to use, search engine friendly, and has a visually appealing interface.

It’s a well-known fact that the easiest and the most cost-efficient way to start a website is building it on the foundation of a quality ready-made design.

Not sure if an OpenCart website is a perfect choice for you? Read the brief info below, browse the templates, and then make your decision.

  • The themes are 100% responsive, so your customers will be able to shop on the go.
  • The themes are well documented. Documentation included with the template download package is absolutely exhaustive. A comprehensive manual will help you install the OpenCart platform and the template and then customize your website.
  • The themes have mobile sidebar menus. This is an extremely handy functionality for browsing a website on mobile devices. With the help of a mobile menu that appears on swiping from left to right, you get quick access to the main links and site sections.
  • Vqmod is integrated into most of the templates. This is the principle of Vqmod operation: instead of changing the main core files, the accompanying mod allows you to save all changes in the external file. This file is processed while the page is loading and the amendments are inserted into the code during this process.
  • Many of these themes are supplied with Lazy Load effect. Lazy Load is a delay in the loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of the viewport are not loaded until the user scrolls to them. Using Lazy Load on long web pages makes the page load faster.

These are only a few of the top features of fashion & beauty OpenCart templates featured in this article. There are many more of them to explore.

So, without further ado, we selected 20 elegant, fashion OpenCart e-commerce website templates for you to choose from. These website templates are perfect for fashion online shops.


Floral - Opencart Responsive Template

The Floral Opencart template was specially designed for fashion, apparel and clothes stores and it has a clean and professional look. It will definitely grab people’s attention if you decide to use it. Everything is fully customizable, including all the subpages. With all its numerous features on board, the template is really an advanced solution for any current eCommerce project. It is responsive and visually stunning.

Pav Fashion

Pav Fashion Responsive Opencart Theme by pavothemes _ ThemeForest

This template mixes colors, textures and graphic elements in a creative way. The result was this elegant, glamorous and luxurious fashion Opencart template. You can definitely use this example for fashion shops, clothes shop and not only! A fully-featured blog is integrated into the template to keep the audience updated on the latest fashion news.

Pav Clothes

Pav Clothes Responsive Opencart Theme

The theme was developed specifically for online lingerie stores. Big images of sexy girls impart a seductive look to the template. This template was built with the Pavo framework version 2 and it is suitable for any kind of fashion stores. You can use it to create the perfect open cart website for you and your business.

Cherry Shop

Cherry Shop - Responsive OpenCart Template

Cherry is also a really nice OpenCart theme. It was specially designed for fashion and clothes online shops. It has a clean and professional design which will definitely present your products in an eye-catching way.

Sophie – Responsive Opencart Theme

 Sophie - Responsive Opencart Theme

Sophie is a responsive OpenCart theme which will look great on any device and browser. It was specially designed for accessories. You can customise this template, upload your personal logo, alter the fonts and disable and enable features.


Ruby - Responsive OpenCart Theme

Ruby has a modern and functional design which will look great on every device. It uses the live theme editor which will make customisation easier. This template uses a full-screen image as the first thing visitors see and it has both a vertical and a horizontal menu bar.


Fraction - Multi-Purpose Responsive Opencart Theme

The neutral color scheme of this template is suitable both for male and female clothing stores. Fraction has a unique design. The interface is friendly and looks modern. It has a creative menu bar that blends in perfectly in the design concept. Only free fonts were used and it comes with an installation guide.

Fancy Shop

 Fashion OpenCart Ecommerce Website Templates

This template, as its name suggests, is quite fancy. It is dedicated to fashion, jewelry, apparel, kids and much more.

Pav Glasses

Pav Glasses Responsive Theme

The Pav Glasses is also worth having a closer look at. It is responsive which means you won’t have to worry about how your online shop will look on different devices. This example is perfect for glasses shops, eyewear, drinks, food and much more. It comes in four color variation and has plenty features.

Fashionlash – Responsive Opencart Theme for Single Product Store

 Fashionlash - Responsive Opencart Theme for Single Product Store
If you want to be noticed on the web, choose this template, designed in bright neon colors. It offers you an eye-catching slider, where you can present the most important information. This template includes plenty administration, design, and marketing tools. It has a modern design which presents products easily through the 360 view plugin. With that template, you can create 360-degrees views and panoramas of your products.


Dresscode - Responsive OpenCart Theme

Dresscode is an OpenCart theme which you can use and customise to best fit your interests and requirements. It includes plenty custom features and has a neat and modern design.


Nico Fullscreen Responsive OpenCart Theme

Nico is a really nice OpenCart template. It has a minimalist and responsive design. It has a clean structure, many great features, and the full-screen homepage slider will definitely grab people’s attention.


If you were thinking of opening an online T-shirt shop this might be just what you were looking for. It can be used for t-shirts or any other fashion outlet.

Mimosa – Responsive Fashion Opencart 3 Theme

 Mimosa - Responsive Fashion Opencart
Mimosa is a responsive fashion OpenCart template. It has 3 homepage payouts and uses a minimalist design.


Bridal - Responsive OpenCart Theme

Bridal is a wedding e-commerce theme which has a responsive layout. It has a neat and clean design layout. It uses a modular grid layout and large thumbnail images. The template is coded in accordance with the OpenCart guidelines, ensuring worry-free installation and full compatibility with the engine.


FreshCart - Responsive Fashion OpenCart Template

FreshCart is a premium template for an OpenCart e-commerce platform. This template has a responsive design which will make your website look great on any device. You customise it and sell all sorts of products. It has a clean design and a friendly user interface.

Bag Shop

Bag Shop - OpenCart Responsive Theme

This classic design will be a perfect choice for luxury leather handbag stores. If you were thinking of opening a bag shop or any fashion related online stores then this template might come in really handy. It uses a nice and earthy color palette.

Themini – Multipurpose Responsive Fashion Opencart Theme

 Themini - Multipurpose Responsive Fashion Opencart Theme
Lots of people are obsessed with fashionable clothing. They are looking for trendy stuff online, and that’s why, when setting up the store, you can be sure that it will always have many visitors. This is a contemporary elegant theme that will help you with starting or redesigning an online shop selling apparel. Its clean, well-structured layout will also nicely fit beauty, wedding, gifts, and jewelry shops. The theme is professionally coded, which will assist in the customizing of its design according to your requirements without any issues. Themini is a multipurpose responsive fashion OpenCart theme which comes in 3 different design layouts. Pick up your favorite and use it to create an awesome online shop.

Aight Shop

Aight Shop Fashion OpenCart Ecommerce Website Templates

Aight Shop is also a really nice template. It uses an animated preloader for product images and many other great features. It works with OpenCart v1.5.6.4, has a WordPress theme included, a universal design which is perfect for selling digital goods and much more.


Fashopper - Premium OpenCart Theme

Last but not least, Fashopper is a fashion, clothes and apparel OpenCart theme. It has a clean and simple design layout. The products are excellently presented. They are accompanied by detailed descriptions, informational stickers, four call-to-action buttons, and star rating.

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