Enhancing Photos | 20 PSD Templates and Actions You Should Use


When it comes to enhancing photos, there are lots of stunning effects that you can use to improve their overall appearance. Adobe Photoshop is a very popular image-editing software that you can use to quickly manipulate and edit various images. By applying filters and effects, you can achieve artistic results that are guaranteed to impress.

Although Photoshop is a complex software, there are ways to obtain beautiful images by simply using pre-designed templates or applying various pre-made actions. This way, you can benefit from the program’s neat features, in a few easy steps, with no advanced skills required.

Experienced designers have created these PSD templates and actions so that you can quickly use them and let them automatically do all the work for you. You can obtain professional looking images by applying these techniques.

Abstract Photo Collage Pro v.5

Here you have 21 PSD files that you can use to create stunning abstract photo collages. This pack includes 10 ready layer composition looks, 8 color effects, 4 romantic color splashes, and much more.


Color – Double Exposure

Color double exposure is a lovely Photoshop template that you can use to quickly create double exposure effects for any of your pictures or illustrations.



Glitch is a stunning Photoshop template that you can use for photos and illustrations. You can quickly apply this effect and obtain beautiful artworks.


Simple Artist Painting

SimpleArtist is a collection of PSD files that will help you rapidly apply an artistic painting effect to any photo that you desire. This pre-designed template contains smart objects that you can easily replace with your own.


Comic Book Creation Kit Black & White

This pack includes 10 comic book page layouts that you can use to place your images. These items help you achieve the black&white comic book effect and it includes 40 shapes bubbles, banners, and various fonts.


Retro Comic Pack

Use these retro comic pack to add a lovely retro style to your images. This set includes 6 layered PSD comic books, 3 retro actions, EPS and PNG bubbles, a help file, and more.


Artistic Photo Manipulation

This is a great PSD file that you can use to quickly manipulate your images and create stunning artworks. You can add 9 different color effects, and other neat features.


Frame Templates for Photographers

Here you have various frame templates that you can use to enhance your images and to create artistic pictures. Have a look at these designs and choose the one that fits your style.


Liquid Image Frame

This liquid image frame comes in a PSD file with a US letter size, and in an RGB format, at 300 dpi. This includes documentation, that will help you solve any issues you might have.


Photoshop Color Filter FX

Here you have beautiful Photoshop filters that you can use to create stunning effects on your existing images. You can choose between 50 different colors that are easy to blend to achieve unique artworks.


Colorful Art Photo Manipulation

You can use these PSD files to manipulate your images and to create beautiful images. These well-organized, fully layered PSD files include many beautiful effects that help you create striking designs.


Fire Effect

You can use this gorgeous Adobe Photoshop effect to give your portraits an outstanding look. These items are easy to use and are available in a fully editable PSD file.


Fashion Photo Frame Template

Here you have 4 unique PSD files that include pre-designed templates at a 4000×2000 pixel resolution. The download file includes also a help guide that will help you solve any difficulties.


Pop Art Wizard – Stencils Pictures Maker

This is a quick and easy way of creating stunning pop art wizard effect in just a few easy steps. You can use this on anything that you want, from people, food, beverages, objects, animals, etc.


Artistic Photoframe

This set includes 2 PSD files, instructions, and details on how to best use them. You have various sizes: 3200×2000, 2400×3000, 300 dpi, in an RGB format.

Artistic-Photoframe-Template-V.1-by-philiplueck-enhancing photos

Diagonal Mask

This diagonal mask is a lovely effect that you can use for any image that you desire. You can use it for portraits and other creative designs.


Hipster – Duotone Color FX

This is another wonderful color effect that you can sue in Adobe Photoshop. You can use it to create duotone color effects that look amazing on any image.

Hipster---Duotone-Color-FX-by-devotchkah-enhancing photos


You can use this lovely effect to create beautiful artworks that will definitely impress your viewers. Have a look at what it has to offer and use it for your pictures.


Stamp Maker Kit

Download and use this amazing stamp maker to any image that you desire in order to get stunning images. This effect will add shades and shadows in whatever style or colors.


Smart Out Of Bound Frames

You can use this outstanding frames to make your images come to life. Used in a particular perspective you can create stunning artworks.


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