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Top 10 Flash Website Headers in 2012


Flash website headers are very popular features on websites and have become an important part of a developer’s repertoire as they are being requested by clients more frequently. The main goal of a Flash header is to grab the browsers attention and communicate the product or service on offer across to the client. In this post I share my 10 ... Read More »

10 Inspiring Flash Website Preloaders


Flash websites at times are not very user friendly but even though they may have some issues there are some really awesome websites out there with great animation that deserve your attention. Flash websites don’t load instantly so some websites have some nice animations while loading. If the flash website preloader is original and fun the user will most likely ... Read More »

How to use checkboxes and radio buttons in Flash


When you are developing rich and interactive applications in flash, you need to provide the best communication between the user and the application. Flash has some very easy to implement UI components that you can use with your applications. These components will save you from the hassle of designing and programming the User Interface. In this tutorial I am going ... Read More »

How to make a panning website in Flash


You might have seen a lot of panning websites in Flash. In these sites if you click on a link, the page automatically scrolls to that content. This effect looks great and is better than just plain old webpages. But believe it or not this effect is extremely easy to make. It’s so easy that you can make a simple ... Read More »

Flash Guide Layer Tutorial


When it comes to animation, nothing beats Flash. Flash has an arsenal of powerful tools that help to make animations easily. If you have done some animation in flash then you know that frame by frame animation gets a little hectic sometimes. There is tweening ;  but it is only helpful when the change in position of a body is ... Read More »

How To Make Your Flash Design Work With ANY Resolution


One of the biggest problems that web designers face is to select a screen resolution for their style. Those days are gone when there were only two resolutions 800×600 and 1024×768. Today there are millions of devices with different screen resolutions which are used to browse the internet.  In this scenario, one of the best practices is to make a ... Read More »

7 Fun Flash Games For Inspiration


One of the best areas of flash is the online games. Their popularity lies in the fact that you can go online any time and start playing a game. There is a huge variety of flash games out there. I have chosen 7 fun flash games that stand out from the crowd. If you are a flash developer then these ... Read More »

How To Make a Shiny Button in Flash


In my previous Flash button tutorial I showed you how to create buttons in flash and how to make them react to different mouse events. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a beautiful shining button. If you haven’t read the last tutorial and you don’t know the basics of making buttons then I recommend that you ... Read More »

How to Create a Custom Cursor in Flash


Flash is a great tool creating beautiful looking interactive applications. But a lot of times the default cursor will not go with the theme of your application. Fortunately it is very easy to create your own cursor in Flash. In this Flash tutorial I will show you how to replace the default cursor with your customized cursor. You need to ... Read More »

Making a GREAT Looking Flash Preloader


In my previous Flash preloader tutorial  I showed you how to develop preloaders for you applications and I explained its code to you. In this tutorial I will focus on the design part of the preloaders. I will show you how to make a good looking circular preloader so that you may understand how to put the code of the ... Read More »