Top 10 Flash Website Headers in 2012


Flash website headers are very popular features on websites and have become an important part of a developer’s repertoire as they are being requested by clients more frequently. The main goal of a Flash header is to grab the browsers attention and communicate the product or service on offer across to the client. In this post I share my 10 best flash website headers used in websites in 2012 in order to inspire and encourage you to create original and creative designs and follow the example set by the current trendsetters.

Before checking out these Flash headers, I strongly suggest you check out Wix, a free and professional website builder.

2advanced flash header

1. 2advanced.com uses Flash in one of the most creative and innovative ways I have ever seen and perfectly showcases and advertises the services on offer from a digital creative agency. Be sure to check them out to see how animation can be used without being overwhelming.

pomegranatephone flash header

2. Pomegranatephone.com showcases the product and concept in a terrific short Flash clip that encompasses the use of Flash without being overly elaborate, whilst clearly communicating the products functions across.

JackpotCity flash header

3. JackpotCity.com incorporates Flash into its header without succumbing to the cheesy online casino glitz that is often prevalent in gaming sites. Other online casinos should follow the JackpotCity example.


4. Meomi.com brings a splash of creativity and colour that showcases animated characters.


5. Nespresso.com is captivating and although strictly more a full Flash site rather than a banner their innovative product placement and the utilization of blank space deserves a mention.

waterlife flash header

6. Waterlife.nfb.ca brings about a hauntingly inspiring header and the continual water theme throughout the site is easy on the eye and has been very well thought out.


7. Bebiko.com is a site dedicated to babies and toddlers. There is just something about 3 toddlers bouncing on pedestals that make this header very attractive.

vitaminwater flash header

8. Vitaminwater.com is a slick and stylish take on Flash headers and the design is innovative and lacking clutter. It’s the ultimate in a minimalistic but effective layout that showcases the product perfectly.

2kgames flash header

9. 2kgames.com not only teaches us how to create a Flash website header but it also showcases a fully interactive Flash gaming experience that has been designed to immerse the browser into a trailer of popular game, Bioshock. The atmosphere created and the interactive controls make this a winner, but the site is a little too close to an actual game to be rated higher.


10. Marcecko.com showcases the features of Flash header in a monochromatic environment and the creative layout and simplistic use of Flash make a portfolio come to life.

If you have any contenders for the top spots please post a comment below! And if you haven’t done so already, check out Wix, a free and professional website builder.

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Iggy KoTop 10 Flash Website Headers in 2012

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