Floating Action Buttons | 20 Creative Examples


Floating action buttons can be very useful in many situations, for both web and app designs. In case you are not familiar with them, a floating action button is a button that seems to float above the UI. It is generally used for the website’s main functionality. However, if it is fitting, you can use it as many times as you need, for other purposes as well. Some of its possible functionalities may include menu buttons, login forms, downloads, action buttons, social shares, and others.

These floating action buttons add extra functionalities to your website and you can make them visible at all times, no matter how much you scroll. These elements hide multiple functionalities that are revealed only when your click on them. This way you can add neat features, without overcrowding the website’s design.

Here you have beautiful examples of floating action buttons and how to use them in various design situations. Take a closer look and use them in your current or upcoming projects.

Ionic Material Design

This ionic material design was designed by Ionic Framework. This floating button has many useful functions such as app storage, social connect, share, advertising, push notification, map API connect, and more.


Login Form

Here you have an amazing floating button which you can use for login forms. When clicked it gives you typical login or register fields to fill out.


Design Menu

This is another great floating action button that gives you neat functionalities. Have a look at its features and see if these are suitable for your website.


Overlay Animation

This is a beautiful action button with a floating design that extends the functionalities of your website. This button has a nice animation effect when clicked on.


Responsive card

This is a stunning floating action button with a wonderful responsive design that will automatically adapt to any screen size. You can use it to see more information about each element.


Google Material Design

Here is another set of excellent floating action buttons with a neat functionality. You can use it in your websites for various purposes.


Alphabets in CSS

Have a look at this amazing letters that were created in CSS. These elements have a well-designed layout and will look stunning in any project.



This lovely button can be used to share to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other. This button has a neat floating effect and it will expand over the UI design.


Leaflet Material Controls

Use these wonderful buttons to navigate through the map. These floating buttons stay fixed on the website and are intuitive, easy to use, and will make your job easier.


Card – For Blog Post Article

This is a beautiful floating action button with a lovely design that has a neat animation effect when hovered over. When clicked on, it displays more buttons which you can use to share to social networks.


Multi button pure-CSS

Here is another amazing floating action button with a beautiful design and lovely animation. This button can be used to share your desired content to Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.


Music Player

This floating button was specifically designed for music applications. When used, it displays the complete playlist of the selected songs that are playing.


A button with checkbox trick (NO JS)

This lovely button is very useful to navigation apps. You can use it to search and to add places to favorites and use them later on.


Pure CSS – Menu App

Here is another lovely menu application that you can use in your current or upcoming projects. This beautiful menu button was created using only CSS.


Twitter Profile

This is an amazing floating action button that you can use in apps for your Twitter profile. This button has a lovely design with a neat shadow.


Simple radial menu

Here is a lovely radial menu button which has a lovely clean design. When used, it offers lots of new buttons, each with useful functionalities.


Floating Draggable Menu (Messenger like)

This is an amazing floating menu with a draggable design that you can see when moving your mouse around your desktop.


Fullscreen Search Transition

This is a very useful floating action button that looks amazing on any website. When clicked on it shows a full screen search design that helps you find what you are looking for.



This is a simple button that, when used, it opens a whole new element with neat functionalities. You can use it to save space and avoid your websites from becoming too crowded.


Burger Menu

This is a typical burger menu that you can use in mobile apps or websites. You can use this floating action button for various situations and it will look beautifully on your website.


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