20 Free Email Templates with Responsive Designs


With the increased use of mobile devices, having a responsive email template has become a necessity. Responsiveness allows you to perfectly view an email on any device, making sure that all the information is read and viewed exactly as you designed it.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can use one of these pre-designed free email templates with responsive designs. These have lots of useful features that you can customize to make them fit your needs. The templates change their size and layout automatically, according to the device you are using, making the information easy to read.

Here is a great collection of 20 free email templates with responsive designs that you can use right away. You just need to download them, customize and start using. Enjoy!

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Basic Responsive Email Template

This is a nice responsive email template with a simple but beautiful design. This item was created by Derek Punslan and it is available to download for free.

 Free Email Templates with Responsive Designs

Responsive & Flat Newsletter Template

Here is another great responsive email template with a flat design. You can download this item for free and use it for newsletters. Take a look and use it for yourself.


Foundation for Emails 2(Formerly Ink)

This is a responsive email framework which comes with a grid based on 12 columns. It also includes various UI elements that will help you create rapid email templates.


Respmail Responsive Email Template

Respmail includes many useful features such as updated structure, fixes for Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and more. This responsive email template is also very easy to customize.


Future-Proof Responsive Email Template Without Media Queries

This is a nice email template with a beautifully responsive template that will look perfect on any screen. Take a look at its features and download it for free.


Litmus Responsive Email Templates (7 Templates)

Litmus comes with 7 pre-designed responsive email templates that are ready to use. In the download file, you will also receive the PSD files and the HTML.


Responsive Email Template from Email on Acid(3 templates)

Here you have 3 responsive email templates that were released by Email on Acid. These have a responsive layout which allows you to view the content perfectly on any screen.


Simple Responsive HTML Email

This is a clean HTML email template with a simple but lovely design. This item has a responsive design and it will look perfectly on any device that you want to use.


Responsive Email Template by Marco Lopes

Take a look at this wonderful responsive email template that was created by Marco Lopes. This item comes with the PSD file and also HTML and CSS.


Responsive Email Blueprints from MailChimp (6 Templates)

This is a small set of 6 responsive email blueprints that were released by MailChimp. These templates can be very useful when starting an email design from scratch.


Antwort Responsive Email Layout Templates (2 Templates)

Here are a couple of beautiful responsive email templates that are available for free. You can customize these pre-designed templates to fit your every need. Enjoy!



This framework offers everything you need to create responsive email templates. Cerberus was created using HTML email patterns that you can rapidly customize to fit your requirements.


Responsive HTML Email Framework

This HTML email framework was built using grid options and various components that you use when creating an email template. It also has a responsive layout that will fit any device.


Playground from ZURB

Playground from ZURB comes with the possibility to choose from 5 various email templates, all with a responsive layout. These have beautiful designs, that you can also customize.



Mosaico offers great pre-designed email templates to start customizing with a drag&drop action. You can use these to create professional email templates with a responsive layout.


Open Source Email Templates

Here you have a bundle of templates that you can download for free as HTML files. Take a look at all of them, select your favorites and use them to create personalized email templates.


Responsive Email Patterns

This template offers a solid foundation for creating responsive emails templates. They come with customizable features such as layouts, lists, media, navigations, grids, and more.


HTML Email Templates

These are beautiful HTML email templates with a responsive design, fit for any device. You can customize these pre-design templates and use them for email marketing campaigns.


Email Design Inspiration by HTML Email Designs

Take a look at these lovely email designs and get inspired. You can choose between various frameworks, layout patterns, and other free features. Enjoy!



Passion gives you everything you need to create professional email newsletters. These have responsive layouts that can be read perfectly on any device.


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