20 Free jQuery Plugins for Front-End Developers


This is a great pack of 20 free  jQuery plugins for front-end developers that are ready to be used in your projects. Download them for your web design collection or use them for your current website. There is a large variety of plugins all over the internet and this hand-picked selection has a bit of everything. You can find plugins for image galleries, infinite scroll, tilted scroll, transition effect, face detection, page layouts, character styles, and more.

These great jQuery plugins are all free for download and are very easy to use and add to your website. You can definitely make your site more professional by choosing amazing plugins to boost its performances.

Browse through all of these free jQuery plugins, check their features and see which ones you can use for your websites. Enjoy!


FullPage is a great jQuery for developers that was created by Alvaro Trigo. This can be used to make fullscreen pages in a very easy and fast way.



Flickerplate is a nice jQuery plugin that allows you to flick through content. It comes with a fully responsive design and other great features.



Animsition is a neat jQuery plugin that has 58 beautiful CSS animations that you can use in your websites. Take a look at all and select your favorites.


Brick Work

BrickWork is a fully responsive jQuery plugin that can be used to generate dynamic and customized layouts. This is a very useful plugin for developers and it can make your website stand out.



ScotchPanels.js is a great jQuery plugin that you can use to build off-canvas menus, navigations, images, videos, and iframes. Take a look at its full features and use it in your websites.



Fluidbox is a nice jQuery plugin that opens images on your website in a lightbox without any interruption. Download this plugin and see what can it do to your website’s design.



RowGrid is a neat jQuery plugin that allows you to locate various items on a grid, in straight rows. This is a great plugin that can be used to generate website pages with infinite scrolling.



SVGMagic a great jQuery plugin that can be used to track down SVG images from your website. After finding every SVG file it automatically transforms them into PNG versions if the browser you are using isn’t compatible with SVG.



Covervid is a neat jQuery plugin that makes your HTML5 video work like it is a background cover image. It is simple to use, just download and add it to your website. Enjoy!


Face Detection

Face Detection is a useful jQuery plugin that is used to detect figures. It can be used both on video and images and is it very simple to use.


Simple jQuery Slider

Simple Slider is an excellent jQuery plugin that gives you a great slider for your website. It is a neat feature for any website and it can make it look amazing.



AnoFlow is a great jQuery plugin that has a responsive lightbox gallery, has a lightweight design and is free for personal and commercial use. Enjoy!


Photopile JS

Photopile JS is a neat jQuery plugin that simulates a bunch of scattered photos on a background of your choice. It is a great element for any website and it can make your project stand out. Take a look!



Justified.js is a nice jQuery plugin that creates, like it says, a beautifully justified image gallery.  This item will look amazing on your website. Try it out!



Skippr is a jQuery plugin that can be easily included in your website. Take a look at its full features and try it out to see if it will work on your website.



Splitchar is a gorgeous jQuery plugin that gives you the chance to style half of a character. It is a neat tool that will can assist you in creating unique designs.



PagePiling.js is a great jQuery plugin that lets you stack multiple sections one over the other and it makes them accessible by using the scroll action. Take a look!


jQuery Tilted Page Scroll

Tilted Page Scroll is a beautiful jQuery plugin that lets you create a gorgeous 3D tilted scrolling effect for any website. This is an amazing tool that will definitely make your site stand out from the rest. Take a look!



ScrollMe is a neat jQuery plugin that adds a basic scrolling effect to a website. It is a lightweight item and it can be very useful to developers.


Shuffle Images

Shuffle Images is a jQuery plugin that does, as the name states, a shuffle action for your images. You can use your cursor to trigger this effect and it looks amazing.


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