40+ Free Outdoor Advertising Mockups + How To Use Them!


Are you trying to design an outdoor advertising or marketing billboard to display your content for your client or your brand?  Regardless the type of project you are working on, if it is not presented in an eye-catching way, it would surely fail in the eyes of the client.  You must always remember that a poor presentation will be less likely to receive the approval of the client, even though your concept was good!

Appearance and presentation are extremely important in all design niches. In this article, we’ll focus mostly on the graphic/print design niche, particularly on outdoor advertising design. These free outdoor advertising mockups we have gathered here will surely help any designer working in the ads niche, present his/her concept in a brilliant way!

In our list of free outdoor advertising mockups, you will find many free signs and billboards mockups, all of them which are very easy to use. All you have to do is insert your own designs in the mockup, in a drag and drop manner, as most of them use smart objects.

You’ll also find some creative advertising posters designs created by popular agencies and very talented designers. The advertisement posters in this list are created for various business niches, such as health, engineering, food & drinks, charitable foundations, zoo’s and more! Get inspired with these amazing advertising posters and create beautiful ads yourself!

Have a look and tell us what you think about our collection!

 Bus Stop Billboard Mockup

This is a genuine urban scene of a bus billboard display. The PSD file comes with smart layer and measures 3800 x 2632 px. This is a great flyer for promoting your event, especially black and white theme, hip-hop and another related theme.

1 Bus Stop Billboard Mockup

Hanging Wall Sign MockUp

Create a display for your logo, lettering or signage with this photo-realistic hanging wall sign PSD mock-up. All you have to do is place your own design inside the smart object and you’ll be done in no time.

Hanging Wall Sign MockUp

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Engineering Imagination

Creative Director : Vincenzo Gasbarro, Luca Scotto di Carlo | Agency : M&C Saatchi

Engineering Imagination

Night Sign Mockup

This is a modern mockup of a rectangular lit sign at night.  This PSD file is print-ready and comes with a smart layer.  The dimensions are 4000 × 2500 px at 300 dpi.

4 Night Sign Mockup

Set of outdoor Advertising Mockups

This useful set contains five outdoor signs and billboards.  All PSD files are layered and high-resolution. The PSD files come with smart objects.

5 Set of outdoor Advertising Mockups

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Where Learning Happens Naturally

Creative Director : Hans Castro Gallo | Agency : RLR Advertising

Where Learning Happens Naturally Advertising

Illuminated and wall-mounted outdoor Billboard Mockup

This is an attractive mockup of a wall-mounted billboard at night. The dimensions of this high-resolution PSD are 2000 x 1578 px at 300 dpi. It also comes with a smart layer.

6 Illuminated and wall-mounted outdoor Billboard Mockup

Poster Design Presentation Mockup

This is a beautiful presentation mockup for poster designs or photography.  The PSD file is available with smart objects and measures 2800 x 2100 px.

7 Poster Design Presentation Mockup

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Dirty Bomb

Creative Director : Alex Schill, Axel Thomsen | Agency : Serviceplan

Dirty Bomb Advertising

Bus Stop Advertising Mockup

This is a clean and photo-realistic mockup of a bus stop with an advertising window. The PSD file is available with smart layers.

8 Bus Stop Advertising Mockup

Outdoor Advertising Screen Mockup

This is a handy wall-mounted vertical advertising screen. The PSD’s dimensions are 3000 × 2000 px.

9 Outdoor Advertising Screen Mockup

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Live to Be Old

Creative Director : Flavio Pantigoso | Agency : Young & Rubicam

liga contra el cancer Advertising

Shop Facade Logo MockUp

This genuine PSD logo mock-up can be used to create a modern photorealistic shop front for a branding project. By placing your design inside the smart layer you can obtain a presentation in short time.

Shop Facade MockUp

Poster MockUp

This is an indoor advertising poster mock-up that will present your design in a realistic manner as displayed in a shopping area. The PSD file is fully layered and includes smart objects for an easy drag and drop action.

Indoor Advertising Poster MockUp

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Never Left

Creative Director : Martin Mercado | Agency : Young & Rubicam

Never Left Advertising

Heavy Truck Mockup

This is a powerful, heavy duty truck mockup. The PSD measures 2000 x 1300 px and also includes a smart object.

12 Heavy Truck Mockup

Set of Street Hip Sign Mockups

This is a great pack of two photo-realistic and high-resolution mockups of hip menu signs. The dimensions of the PSDs are 5472 x 3648 px at 300 dpi. They are also print-ready.

13 Set of Street Hip Sign Mockups

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Tailor Made Bikes

Creative Director : Thomas Schöb | Agency : Young & Rubicam

Tailor Made Bikes Advertising

Stylish Poster Mockup

This is a nice mockup of a poster in a frame leaning against a wall. The PSD is available with a smart layer.

14 Stylish Poster Mockup

Utility Pole Note Mockup

This is a neat and layered PSD file of a wooden pole. The dimensions are 1600 x 1200 px.  You can easily change the background and flyer content.

15 Utility Pole Note Mockup

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Keep Food Fresh

Creative Director : Thirasak Tanapatanakul | Agency : TBWA

Keep Food Fresh

3 Urban Poster MockUps

This is an amazing set of 3 realistic mock-ups is ideal for presenting poster designs or artwork. The PSD files contain high-resolution photos which are very easy to use due to the presence of smart objects.


Framed Picture with Bike Mockup

This mockup is available with six different color effects to boost up the visuals. PSD is equipped with smart object. The dimensions are 2000 × 2500 px.

17 Framed Picture with Bike Mockup

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Stop The Spread

Creative Director : Ali Shabaz, Galvin Sanusi | Agency : Grey

Stop The Spread Advertising

Stand Display Mockup

This is a light and clean mockup showing stand displays from the right and left perspectives.  You can use the PSD’s smart object to insert your designs.

18 Stand Display Mockup

Painting on a Wall Mockup

This is a high-quality mockup of a frameless poster/painting on a wall. The PSD’s dimensions are 4000 x 3000 px at 300 dpi. It is also available with a smart layer.

19 Painting on a Wall Mockup

Advertising Poster Inspiration: When They Speak

Creative Director : Sergio Gordilho, Flavio Waiteman | Agency : Africa

When They Speak

Tripod Easel PSD MockUp

This tripod easel PSD mock-up is great to showcase your advertisement, artwork or design in an urban environment. For obtaining a flawless presentation you have to apply your design using the smart objects.

Tripod Easel PSD MockUp

Street Billboard PSD MockUp

This is a high quality original mock-up to showcase your artwork or poster as displayed on a street billboard. The PSD file is fully layered and uses smart objects that allow you to easily place your design and have your work done in minutes.

Street Billboard PSD MockUp

3D Wall Logo MockUp #2

Showcase your logo as a wall mounted sign or just add depth to it with this photorealistic mock-up. The PSD file is fully layered and includes smart objects to make your work a breeze.

3D Wall Logo MockUp #2

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Would You Care More If I Was A Rhino

Creative Director : Chris Garbutt | Agency : Ogilvy

Would You Care More If I Was A Rhino

Outdoor Advertising Mockup Bundle

This is a lovely pack of five mockups which contains a flag, a 3D-Logo on a wall, a poster as well as sheets of paper. All images included in the set are high-resolution and photo-realistic.

24 Outdoor Advertising Mockup Bundle

Clean Van Mockup

This is a very interesting mockup of a vehicle. All layered PSD files come with smart object. The dimensions are 4500 x 3000 px at 300 dpi.

25 Clean Van Mockup

Two Bus Shelter Mockups

This is a useful set of two mockups showing bus shelters with advertising spaces.  The PSD files come with smart layer and measure 2400 x 1600 px.

26 Two Bus Shelter Mockups

X-Stand Banner Mockup

This is a modern, fully layered mockup of a roll-up banner. The PSD file comes with smart object. The dimensions are 4449 x 3801 px at 300 dpi.

27 X-Stand Banner Mockup

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Gold’s Gym Forklift

Creative Director : Alexander Obando | Agency : Grey

Gold’s Gym Forklift

Outdoor Booth Banner Mockup

This handy PSD mockup is perfect to showcase your outdoor advertisement. The file is available with a smart layer.

28 Outdoor Booth Banner Mockup

Free Poster Mockup

Here’s a poster frame mockup displayed on a concrete wall. Thanks to PSD’s smart object you can easily add your own content.


Big Truck Mockup

This is an eye-catching PSD mockup of a truck that lets you add designs to the cabin and cargo sections. The PSD files measures 1920 x 1200 px.

30 Big Truck Mockup

Advertising Poster Inspiration: See You On The Road

Creative Director : Tomasz Chojnacki, Johan H. Ohlson | Agency : San Markos

See You On The Road

Free A0 PSD Poster Mockup

Showcase your poster or artwork design with this great and elegant A0 size PSD mockup. It has a fully layered psd file with smart objects. It has an easy to replace design.

 Free A0 PSD Poster Mockup

Roadside Chalkboard Mockup

This useful mockup is showing a chalkboard next to a road. The PSD measures 2347 x 1560 px at 300 dpi.

32 Roadside Chalkboard Mockup

Urban Street Sign Mockups

This is a set of three beautiful and photorealistic mockups of billboards in urban surroundings.  All PSDs come with smart objects.

33 Urban Street Sign Mockups

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Drink Responsibly

Creative Director : Miguel Bemfica | Agency : JWT

Drink Responsibly

Double Psd Poster Mockup Presentation

Here’s a double poster frame mockup display for your vertical flyers or poster designs. It has a framing effect and it is very high quality. Add your image inside the smart object and enjoy you work.

 Double Psd Poster Mockup Presentation

Shop Signs & Facades Mockups

This is a lovely pack of mockups that includes five shop signs from the UK.  All PSDs are high-resolution and come with smart layers.

35 Shop Signs & Facades Mockups

Banner in Mall Mockup

This is a layered PSD file mockup of a banning hanging in a busy mall.  The dimensions are 619 x 1100 px. The PDS also includes a smart object.

36 Banner in Mall Mockup

Advertising Poster Inspiration: Get Out Of The Cold

Creative Director : Aaron Sutton, Antônio Rosa | Agency : Agencia Mood

Get Out Of The Cold

Street Banner and Booth Mockup

This layered PSD mockup is showing some street stand-up billboards.  The dimensions are 1500 x 1476 px at 300 dpi. Thanks to the smart object you can add your own content.

37 Street Banner and Booth Mockup

Set of glossy Poster Mockups

This is a set of stylish mockups of glossy posters.  These modern and high-resolution PSDs come with smart objects.

38 Set of glossy Poster Mockups

Outdoor Signs Mockups

This is an interesting set of four very high-resolution PSD files. They are fully editable with separate shadows and highlights. The dimensions are 6000 × 4000 px at 300 dpi.

39 Outdoor Signs Mockups

Set of Outdoor Shop Sign Mockups

This is a pack of four free mockups of shop signs in urban surroundings. All PSDs included in this set are available with a smart object.

40 Set of Outdoor Shop Sign Mockups

Advertising Poster Inspiration: No More Hairfall Problems

Creative Director : Meenaxi Achan, N padmakumar | Agency : Young & Rubicam

No More Hairfall Problems

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